Aside from an awkward stance and a few missed swings (maybe they can get a few tips from Cal alumnus – and World Series champ – Allen Craig), UCPD looks like they are ready to take “appropriate actions” to enforce the university’s “[no] encampments or occupations of buildings” rule, as stated in Chancellor Robert Birgeneau’s campus-wide email this week.

The video, which was filmed two weeks ago (coincidentally the same day all hell broke loose at the Occupy Oakland movement), appears to us to be a “How to inflict as much pain as possible with a baton” workout session that took place in the field next to the Hargrove Music Library. Because we love our readers and care for your well-being, we present this to you as part of our “Please be safe and don’t mess with the UCPD on this Day of Action,” public service announcement.

You’re welcome. And, don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Occupy Cal plans encampment despite Chancellor’s warning [The Daily Californian]


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