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Effective protest formations

Posted By Lynn Yu On Nov 11, 2011 @ 10:53 am In News | Comments Disabled

After Wednesday’s law enforcement debacle [1] and DSC02486night-time rally, the Occupy Cal [2] community  might need to start looking for clear direction and compelling leadership. Unfortunately, when heading a movement involving more than one thousand participants [3], reaching a consensus can be quite tiresome and time-consuming.

The Clog takes a look at the various protest formations that have taken place over the past few days, and which ones tend to be more effective than others:

1. The Mass Mob: In stark contrast to last year’s walkout, this year’s noon rally had sufficient working audio equipment, allowing those standing in the crowd to properly hear everything that was being broadcasted.

Pontificating to the crowd

Pontificating to the crowd

Of course, the point of aggregating the masses is to rile people up, not to come to an agreement as to how the movement should proceed. It certainly did its job Wednesday.

Marchin down Telegraph

Marchin' down Telegraph

2. The Lone Preacher: A single person can make a hell of a difference, especially if that person is passionate and inspiring. But then again, that’s contingent on the fact that people will actually be listening …

Speaking to the birds

Speaking to the birds

3. The Clump: Break-out groups to discuss specialized tasks! Great, we’re getting somewhere! Oh wait, those would be GSI’s … and that would be a class. At least they add to the numbers and make the crowd seem bigger. Bandwagon effect [4], for the win.

We wonder how much learning is actually happening

We wonder how much learning is actually happening

Wait, isn't it a teach- OUT?

Wait, isn't it a teach-OUT?

4. The Circle: Ah yes, this is how it’s done. “Mic check,” shouts the speaker. “Mic check!” responds the circle. The speaker lays out his plans, the circle listens carefully. The speaker instructs, the circle follows. No wonder Google+  is utilizing the circle, no wonder the Olympics [5] logo is a collection of circles, no wonder the world is round — circles get shit done.

Mic check, mic check!

Mic check, mic check!

As the Clog revolved around the holy circular gathering on Sproul this morning, we were exceptionally impressed with the speed at which directions were delivered and executed — within 30 minutes, the group had come up with a coherent plan of how to market next Tuesday’s strike [6] (yep, another one). That’s efficiency for you.



As always, don’t forget the live entertainment. It never hurts.

Rockin' out with the 99%

Rockin' out with the 99 percent

Throughout the next week or so, make sure to check back with The Daily Clog [7] and The Daily Californian [8] for continuous updates about the protests.

Until then, stay safe. We’ll see you on Sproul.

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