nemoBefore you ask what a drug drop box is, think about it, because it’s exactly what it sounds like. A drug drop box is well … a box where people drop off drugs, but why exactly did Berkeley officials decide to create said drop box at the city’s refuse station?

We’ve all seen the movies where ex-druggies choosing to be reborn decide to flush their stash down the toilet. What we don’t think about is where those drugs go after the initial flush. According to the East Bay Municipal Utilities District, these drugs are being flushed into the bay where they are consumed by fish. Yes, our poor fish are experiencing things they never thought they would.

The box in Berkeley is particularly designed for pharmaceuticals but has not specified how to get rid of narcotics such as Vicodin, Codeine and OxyContin. While the EBUMD spokesman wanted the drop box to include such drugs, they technically cannot accept them. That’s because in order for the drop box to include narcotics, a peace officer would legally have to be present and we all know no one can afford to do that in this economy. Since no officer is present however, how would anyone even know if narcotics were dumped in the box or not? Oh, formalities.

This drug drop box isn’t the first for Alameda and West Contra Costa Counties, there are roughly a dozen total. So next time you think about flushing your prescription pills down the toilet, think of Nemo first and drop ‘em off somewhere else.

Image source: DarlaMack under Creative Commons
Berkeley unveils drug drop box [Mercury News]


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