What happens when occupiers’ attempts at putting up tents is thwarted by brutal police action?DSC02695

They come back stronger, louder and angrier, uniting across different movements. How? That’s right, you guessed it.

They put up even more tents.

Sproul Plaza, 10 p.m. — As the Clog surveys the excited and ecstatic scene post-Robert Reich lecture, we can’t help but wonder if this is the most charged atmosphere the school has seen in recents years.

Thousands occupy the Mario Savio steps and surrounding area — tents are paraded through with awe and exaltation, the crowd cheering as the occupiers set up the encampments that will serve as a direct slap in the face to UC Berkeley administrators’ conditions.

Beat them down with a stick... and they just come rising back up

Beat them down with a stick ... and they just come rising back up

The sight and smell of swishers permeates the air, dogs run amok unheeded by standers-by and when the tents are finally established on stable footing, bubbles erupt overhead. Gloria Gaynor’s “I Will Survive” blares through the speakers, and the crowd sings and dances along. This is probably the biggest spontaneous dance party that has ever taken place on Sproul.

Bubbles = happiness

Bubbles = happiness

Observers stand on the roof of Golden Bear Cafe (GBC), ruminating (and smoking) on the organized chaos below. All these events are framed with patriotic school colors (after all, one must not forget that it is indeed Big Game week), with the Campanile’s blue and yellow glow standing vigilant in the background. Tonight, amidst the high spirits flowing across campus, police presence seems practically nonexistant.

Solidarity tent

Solidarity tent

The most striking feature of the movement though, seems to be the willingness of absolute strangers to perform kindnesses you wouldn’t expect on any ordinary day. Food, and mind you, not just cookies and candy, but real substantive food like pasta and salad, has been donated and is being passed out for free. Occupiers are unabatedly friendly to each other, talking loudly and passionately to people they’ve just met for the first time. The Clog, in its difficult descent from GBC, was aided by five complete strangers (for whom we are very grateful)!

Sather Gate, from the roof of GBC

Sather Gate, from the roof of GBC

If you’re looking for exciting events to occur during your college career, there’s no better time to be a Cal student than now.

Image Source (all): Lynn Yu, Daily Cal

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