Pretend to be cool by holding this

Pretend to be cool by holding this

If it weren’t already pretty obvious, you should know that creating a film is hard. Even some of the greatest filmmakers we know today had to start from the most modest of beginnings. Thankfully, the Gender Equity Resources Center is reaching out to Cal’s film community, particularly to aspiring female filmmakers who have the burden of breaking into a male-dominated industry, by sponsoring a workshop that will teach students the basic steps of film production. The workshop will take place on Friday, Nov. 18 in 2040 Valley Life Sciences Building from 6:30 to 9 p.m.

Scarlett Shepard, founder and executive director of the Women’s Film Institute, will teach participants how to approach each step in creating a film such as thinking out a story/concept, finding ways to fund and distribute your project and dealing with post-production issues. After the workshop there will be a screening of a collection of short films that will be featured in this year’s Women’s Film Festival.

There will also be free refreshments. We all love free stuff, right? Yes, yes we do. Go for the artistic cause, stay for the snacks.

Image source: David_Howell under Creative Commons
“Film: Women’s Film Institute workshop and screening” [UC Berkeley Events]

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