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Yet another reason why Cal trumps Stanford

Posted By Bon Jin Koo On Nov 16, 2011 @ 3:31 pm In Sandbox | Comments Disabled

oskiAs all of you should know, something very important is happening this week. No, not that, you silly, [1] the big Cal vs. Stanford game!

Now, plenty of things have been happening around campus in preparation for this epic game. Pretty lights [2], protests, bonfire rallies [3] and the works! But in spite of all these elements in typical school rivalries, what is always a constant? That’s right, mascots!

Despite being technically extinct [4], Oski Bear’s presence is felt nearly everywhere at important Cal events. He’s there to cheer our football team. He’s at the parades. He hugs children and incoming students alike on Cal Day. But did you know an engineer [5] started it all? Berkeley’s “Engineering News” says, “Before Rockwell’s arrival, the California Golden Bears used live ursine mascots with predictably unpredictable results.” Live mascots you say? What would PETA have to say [6] about that?

Choosing mascots [7] is a serious business, and you can easily tell how important they are to the success of any team. Just go to a football game!

Anywho, make sure to cheer on Oski and the team for Big Game this Saturday! Oh, and for the record, Stanford doesn’t have an official mascot, but, if you look carefully, you might see a tree [8]. No really, we’re serious.

Image source: elcapitan79 [9] under Creative Commons

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