oops eraserHello Readers,

You might not have noticed, what with the hustle and bustle of getting home for Thanksgiving as soon as humanly possible, but some people have been getting preeeety upset about the potentially inappropriate police response on UC campuses, these past few weeks.

As such, you could have stumbled upon an email, courtesy of Bob Jacobsen (chair of the Berkeley Division of the Academic Senate), proposing a vote of no confidence in Chancellor Birgeneau, Executive Vice Chancellor Breslauer and Vice Chancellor LeGrande. This message, sent on behalf of the Berkeley Division of the Academic Senate, arrived in inboxes throughout the Cal community at precisely 6:05 p.m. and could be construed as an invitation to attend Monday’s Special Meeting to discuss the ability of our campus leaders. (It could also be construed as a blatant misspelling of President Yudof’s last name … but we won’t talk about that.)

Just three hours later, however, yet another email arrived from Jacobsen — this one with an embarrassing if not disappointing message. Apparently the first email was nothing but a big ol’ mistake, sent to us “in error.” And here we were, already laying out our fancy clothes in preparation for Monday. Guess we don’t need to worry about stopping by the dry cleaner’s anytime soon.

The Daily Clog regrets any confusion that Bob Jacobsen might have caused.

Image source: jasmeet under Creative Commons