IMG_0440Yes, Andronico’s is on the pricey side of grocery stores, so it’s never been our favorite place to shop. However, it has a place in our heart. After all, where else do we go for our fancy cheeses and quick grocery runs on Telegraph? The staff is friendly and students get 5 percent off, making Andronico’s a neighborhood standby. Seriously, they’ve been around for 82 years.

So we are sad to announce the closing of the Andronico’s location on Telegraph and Derby. Soon we will have to trek all the way to Northside if we need our Andronico’s fix. The store is currently dealing with restructuring after filing for bankruptcy and changing ownership, as are so many other businesses in this economy.

This goodbye comes as bittersweet, because the entire store is 20 to 40 percent off. The Clog wandered down to the market when we heard rumors of this deal: After all, food + discount = a happy Clogger. It is real, and we have the Icelandic yogurt and can of tomatoes to prove it. Take advantage of this rare opportunity and make one last Andronico’s trip to get fancy food for less. Goodness knows we college students on a budget need cheaper groceries.

That being said, we’ll miss you Andronico’s! An employee informed us that the store is expected to close within the next two weeks, so get on over there while you still can.

Image source: Fiona Hannigan, Daily Cal

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