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Two seconds on the lips is two inches on the hips.

Before you reach for that apple pie, think of the space between your thighs.

If you’ve still got your Halloween candy load, props to you, but that’ll run out soon. Thanksgiving is coming up and the feast will be spectacular as ever. The last round of midterms are forcing you to reach for your fourth bowl of cereal at two in the morning. It’s hard enough trying to maintain weight while at college, especially in Berkeley where food is a way of life. The Clog understands, sympathizes and hands you an imaginary handkerchief.

However, this doesn’t prevent us from going balls-out when it comes to our latest crawl: Fantastic French fries in Berkeley.

Sorry, but your thighs will have to deal with a tiny bit of less space if you decide to wholeheartedly jump in with us on exploring several of the places with golden, fabulously crispy, unbearably sultry potatoes that your mouth can indulge in.

Bon appetit.

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Another protest? Since when have those been effective? Are most of the protestors even Cal students? Is this a cause worthy of being arrested for? If you find yourself answering no (or not even caring about the answer at all) … great!

Protests are interesting phenomena that occur occasionally on the Berkeley campus. There was even a famous one a while back, something about the Free Spinach Movement. Spinach plants have feelings, too! Anywho, protests are great ways to skip out of class and are sources of excellent entertainment. How can you take advantage of this? Read on to find out!  read more »

nemoBefore you ask what a drug drop box is, think about it, because it’s exactly what it sounds like. A drug drop box is well … a box where people drop off drugs, but why exactly did Berkeley officials decide to create said drop box at the city’s refuse station?

We’ve all seen the movies where ex-druggies choosing to be reborn decide to flush their stash down the toilet. What we don’t think about is where those drugs go after the initial flush. According to the East Bay Municipal Utilities District, these drugs are being flushed into the bay where they are consumed by fish. Yes, our poor fish are experiencing things they never thought they would. read more »

Why bother going outside if you can use google maps to travel?

Why bother going outside if you can use google maps to travel?

One of the best aspects of being able to attend Cal is that there are lectures for pretty much every subject, and as an added plus, they are free and available to the public. So, of course, we are here to inform you of an interesting (and rapidly approaching) presentation.

For those of you who are media studies majors or curious about the field, it may be of interest to you that Marc Horowitz will be having a lecture on how new media such as YouTube and Facebook effects the way people interact with art and entertainment on Monday, Nov 21 at the Banatao Auditorium (in Sutardja Dai Hall) from 7:30 to 9 p.m. The lecture is a part Cal’s ongoing “Art, Technology and Culture Colloquium” lecture series in which speakers from a variety of professions talk about new technologies and how they transform art and culture. read more »

Sather gate lightsIt’s Big Game Week. The football face-off with our friendly foes doesn’t take place until Saturday, but that doesn’t mean that Cal can’t start getting its spirit on a little early. And so we couldn’t be more thrilled to see the lovely light display that now decorates our quaint little campus — the copious amount of blue and gold just warms our hearts. read more »


Reading out loud is a skill that requires finesse. Nothing is worse when you are forced to read out loud to your peers, only to transform what used to be elegant prose into a stumbling, monotone mess. That said, whatever skills you may have at recitation (if you are good, the Clog is infinitely jealous), everyone can enjoy the art of listening. Berkeley offers many reading events where authors read excerpts from their own work and talk about their creative process. Local bookstores such as Moe’s Books and Mrs. Dalloway’s regularly host reading events to promote newly released titles. On campus, English faculty members  Vikram Chandra and Melanie Abrams hosts a prose reading session every second Thursday of each month at Morrison Library with their Story Hour program.  As you can see, there is no lack of opportunities to be able to gaze at the aura of the Author (yes, it needs to be capitalized). read more »

uc berkeleyIn 2010, UC Berkeley spent nearly $326,000 trying to attract students from all over the globe. The money goes towards travel costs, catering, venues and equipment rental for the events  put on overseas. Additionally, Berkeley spent $23,000 on an advertising campaign through a website called Zinch and $5,800 on a breakfast for college counselors. Hey Berkeley, can we get our name on that breakfast list? read more »

After Wednesday’s law enforcement debacle and DSC02486night-time rally, the Occupy Cal community  might need to start looking for clear direction and compelling leadership. Unfortunately, when heading a movement involving more than one thousand participants, reaching a consensus can be quite tiresome and time-consuming.

The Clog takes a look at the various protest formations that have taken place over the past few days, and which ones tend to be more effective than others: read more »

stevejobs memory Unless you were too busy studying for midterms, you might have noticed the passing of a technological giant in the industry. Whether you like Apple’s products or not, you have to admit Steve Jobs did a lot more than what normal people do in a lifetime. But was the timing of Jobs’s biography an insensitive marketing plan?

If you’re looking for a book review, you won’t find it here. The Clog won’t spoil anything here, but we will mention the author of this increasingly popular biography had a close relationship with Apple man himself. Walter Isaacson is also the author of “Einstein: His Life and Universe” (2007) and “Benjamin Franklin: An American Life” (2003). The beginning of the Jobs biography goes about saying how it came into being, and it sounds honest enough. However, did it really have to come out just weeks after Jobs’s passing? We’re pretty sure the book would have done well, but with his recent death, sales would naturally be expected to be higher.

“It doesn’t really surprise me they released it like that, with the timing of his passing,” said senior Anthony Barone, a geophysics major who works at the Cal Student Store. read more »

Protest days are excellent  — lectures are canceled (shout-out to Letters and Sciences!), the atmosphere is charged with collective activist spirit, and Cal goes aboutDSC02460 doing what Cal does best.

Today’s Occupy Cal, Day of Action or whatever you wish to call it, was enormous in terms of turnout. But how does this campus consistently have widely-viewed protests week after week? What is it that we do? For those cities and campuses around the country hoping to host a large-scale protest consisting of the 99 percent, here are a few key things to do on protest day:

Step 1: Begin with picket lines and catchy phrases. People with signs walking around in a circle and blocking traffic tends to attract attention. Catch-phrases from today’s protest included: read more »

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