ticking timerIt wasn’t so long ago that we were all huddled over our computers, typing furiously in an epic race against the clock to send in our UC applications by that end-of-November deadline. Oh yes, college applications might seem like a distant memory to some, but for the Clog, we remember those last stressful hours as though they were yesterday.

In fact, sometimes we wish we could forget, just a little, how sappy and awful those personal statements we wrote way back then were. Seriously, it seems a tad bit miraculous that a 500-word essay on the importance of cranberry scones was deemed worthy of a UC Berkeley acceptance letter. True story.

So, with this in mind, the Clog invites you to revisit your old UC application, to smile at the good and laugh at the bad and to share with us whatever impressive stories you told in the personal statement section. Or any other funny college application anecdotes. (Side note: Don’t use this as an opportunity to write your old SAT score in the comment box and revel in its awesomenesss — no one cares.) Because now that we’ve made it here, it’s only healthy to look back and chuckle at the ridiculous things that got us into this place.

Image source: pasukaru76 under Creative Commons

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