Have you ever noticed how weird the door handles on the east entrance of the MLK Jr. Student Union are? Look at them:


That can't be fun.

Not only do the bears have emaciated bodies that are reminiscent of giraffe necks, but they look terrified (not to mention uncomfortable). The look in their eyes screams, “Oh god, we are going to spend the rest of our lives being strangled by strange hands!” read more »

studentIf you’ve met someone who claims he or she received a relatively low score on their SATs, but was still admitted to our very own University of California, Berkeley, you may have met the exception student. An exception student is someone who does not meet the minimum requirements of the university but is still offered admission, regardless.

Every year, UC campuses admit thousands of students who do not meet the requirements and recent findings show that the rate of these exception students is only increasing. UC admission offices are restricted to admitting 6 percent of exception students each year as some believe that students should not be defined solely by their test scores, grades and classes. read more »

007It seems like Telegraph is popping out new hot spots like octomom these days. In addition to The Toaster Oven, Pappy’s Grill has opened where the beloved Blake’s previously stood. Pappy’s carries reasonably priced burgers ($5.99 for a classic) and has some similarity to ESPNzone restaurants. The joint has 8 big monitors showing various sporting events simultaneously, including a 17.5 foot screen, for a fan-friendly environment.

Third-year and Pappy’s employee Kayla Love informed us that, “This is a healthy option for customers because the food is organic and the spices are all freshly ground.” Love also feels that Pappy’s is ideal for students because of the fast service and ability to, “get a pitcher of beer and play pool.”

Another worker informed us that in addition to the pool tables and DJ on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights, “there is also a load-bearing pole … obviously, for structural purposes.”

Downstairs, Pappy’s has a bar scene much like the nearby competitor, Kip’s. read more »

Obilgatory Totoro picture whenever "Ghibli" is mentioned

Obilgatory Totoro picture whenever "Ghibli" is mentioned

Although we may take it for granted, Berkeley is a great place for the avid movie-goer. The Berkeley Art Museum/Pacific Film Archive and SUPERB offer an excellent line-up of films throughout the school year and there are a multitude of movie theaters throughout the area. There used to be a decent Blockbusters on Shattuck as well, which was a great resource for those who are Netflix-less,  but it permanently closed its doors early January. Ah, what a shame.

In any case, the slow, early weeks of the semester before the rush-up to midterms are a great time to watch a movie or two. read more »

Toaster Oven (new)

Do you love food? Do you? Don’t you dare lie to us, we know everything about you (the bare minimum at least).

So you do, right? The Clog adores food like no other. There’s not a single ounce of benefit that comes from pretending the sandwich pictured above is not sexy. Not a single ounce. Don’t worry, just staring at the picture won’t make you gain weight – only merely test the willpower of your appetite.

Yes, okay. We have successfully established that we all love food, that food is the only thing we can all rely on when those “forever alone” moments come up. It’s not “Foodholic Anonymous” we’re running here. The Clog is a reliable source for feedback on food because believe it or not, despite our reputed snarky sarcasm and god-like bodies (okay, no), we’re actual, normal human beings who need to eat. So we turned towards the new kid in town, The Toaster Oven Sandwich Shop, located next to the Chipotle near campus on Telegraph, thinking, “Let’s test this little, eager-to-please young’un.”

Were we impressed? Astounded? Disappointed? Spewing unprintable profanities in regard to unfavorable prices for broke college students? Well … read more »


Still rockin’ a Nintendo Gameboy of some kind? Well, Sony wants you to ditch your outdated Game Boy (though we find that debatable) and hop on its latest handheld, the PlayStation Vita … when it eventually hits America.

read more »

Ahh, consumerism.

Ahh, consumerism.

There are artists that are so prolific that everyone knows their names. Andy Warhol is definitely a member of this elite circle. If you are a fan of Warhol’s work or simply curious about him, the Berkeley Art Museum/Pacific Film Archive (BAM/PFA) will show an exhibition entitled “Andy Warhol: Polaroids/MATRIX 240”  beginning on Friday, Jan. 27 that will display select Polaroids taken by Warhol (gifted by the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts) that often became a basis for his artwork. If you want to join in on some extra festivities, there will also be a celebration of the exhibition’s opening on Friday, Feb. 3 from 4:30 to 6:30 p.m. The event will include free Cheese Board pizza, a gallery chat with Director Larry Rinder and Co-Curators Stephanie Cannizzo and Fabian Leyva-Barragan, as well as a screening of Warhol’s experimental film, “VINYL”.

Of course, it may be that rather than photography or pop art, cinema is your true art love. read more »

Similar to the great William Hung, the former UC Berkeley student who serenaded us with his illustrious voice and smooth-like-butter dance moves on “American Idol” eight years ago, Kappa Alpha frat boy Kyle Crews hit the “Idol” stage to again rep Berk-town and dumbfound the judges – in a slightly different manner. After apparently singing much less crappy then he looked read more »


Good – no, great– news: gossiping is now a positive thing!

Sounds too good to be true? You’re correct to some degree. It isn’t the sort of gossiping that might come to mind at first. By that sort of gossiping we mean when people trash-talk others in order to defame the victim(s) or – and let’s all be quite honest here – unsuccessfully attempt to feel better about themselves by elevating their own wonderful, brilliant characteristics … only then to have the temporary effects of loving themselves fade and be left still unhappy.

The sort of gossiping that a recent study from UC Berkeley gives a thumbs-up is read more »

We were tempted to buy these gorgeous beets, but we wouldn’t quite know what to do with them.
<p style=”text-align: center;”><img title=”IMG_2371″ src=”http://clog.dailycal.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/01/IMG_2371-1024×768.jpg” alt=”IMG_2371″ width=”430″ height=”323″ /></p>


The morning was bright, with only traces of rain hinting that the weather had been torrential earlier. It was a Saturday like any other … except it was the first Saturday of the semester and we were sick of eating out. Time to restock on groceries after the free ride we got at home over winter break. However, we wanted to make an adventure out of it. Then, we had an epiphany: why not go to the farmer’s market? read more »

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