040Don’t you love when you’re just sitting there spacing out in chemistry lecture and a cat jumps up onto a desk? We do.

Freshman Sandon Griffin, the owner of the cat, proceeded to take out his spray bottle to give his kitten water and feed it. “He’s 9 weeks old so I thought he was too young to leave at home,” said Griffin. If you were wondering, the cat’s name is Mr. McGrizz.

This wasn’t the only strange item the Clog observed in lecture halls today. Sophomore Bernadette Rabuy said, “This guy sitting in front of me in political economics was next to the wall when something long falls next to him and slides down all the way to the front. Then I see this guy at the front pick up and pass back a samurai sword.” Sophomore Melissa Carlson added, “The sword had a sheath and I’m pretty sure there was a shoulder strap on it. It looked real and dangerous, especially when it fell over on the guy in front during lecture.”

Our only advice is that if you’re going to bring your cat or sword to class, at least try to be discreet about it.

Image source: Nammi Nadella, Daily Cal

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Outstanding piece, thanks for sharing!