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We spy: The everyday unusual

Posted By Fiona Hannigan On Jan 31, 2012 @ 8:26 pm In Sandbox | Comments Disabled

Have you ever noticed how weird the door handles on the east entrance of the MLK Jr. Student Union [1] are? Look at them:


That can't be fun.

Not only do the bears have emaciated bodies that are reminiscent of giraffe necks [2], but they look terrified (not to mention uncomfortable). The look in their eyes screams, “Oh god, we are going to spend the rest of our lives being strangled by strange hands!”

Ferocity masking sheer terror.

Ferocity masking sheer terror.

On top of this, they do not look comfortable. In fact, they look quite awkward. I’ve never seen a bear so angular (albeit the only bears I’ve encountered have been Tele-BEARS [3], and those at the zoo [4]). Those limbs look like a yoga position gone wrong [5]. Are they actually aliens [6], and not bears? Are they strange alien bear hybrids? Does our giraffe observation strike a chord of truth? Perhaps alien-bear-giraffes aren’t real. But neither are bears with cylindrical, angular bodies.

We had gone through most of college careers blissfully unaware of just how bizarre those door handles we opened day in and day out (gotta get our Tully’s and accessible bathroom fix!) were. Until we looked one second too long at those sad bear faces, and gripped their skeletal bodies a little too tightly.

Now we cannot help but spend that extra second every time we open the doors, giving the handles the respect they deserve. They may be super weird, and subject to unbelievable punishment, but they stand tall (although with reservations apparent in their expressions) and serve their purpose boldly.

So the Clog asks you to question your environment, take that extra second and appreciate how weird some things are [7]. Like door handles in the shape of alien-bears. Next time you go to grab that café au lait, buy expensive Cal gear or see someone cool speak in Pauley Ballroom, why not take a look?

Image sources: Fiona Hannigan, Daily Cal

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