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UC Berkeley Memes

Posted By Nammi Nadella On Feb 9, 2012 @ 7:07 pm In Sandbox | Comments Disabled

Remember when bumper stickers were hot on Facebook? Well, they’re not anymore because Mark Zuckerberg keeps changing the design. However, what are becoming popular on the internet are memes. As you all know, memes are just an easy way to express your everyday snarky thoughts via pictorial form. The best part is that one face can virtually describe thousands of cynical observations! Luckily, we have a little bit of a selection when choosing a meme picture. You have your awkward penguin [1], first world problems [2], college freshmen [3] and hey, remember the college republican memes [4], featuring our very own Cal student? We’re so proud.

Speaking of college memes, perhaps you noticed the recent explosion of college groups dedicated to creating these memes online. Since these college groups are getting an accelerated number of “likes,” we at the Clog thought we would browse through some memes provided by other UC campuses [5]. Unfortunately, we don’t actually understand the inside jokes other schools have. If anyone happens to understand this sucker found on the UC Davis Memes Facebook page [6] (or this one on the UCSC page [7]), let us know.

Anyhow, we decided to stick with what we know best … UC Berkeley. Here are some of our meme creations:

meme 8



meme 3

Meme 1

For more Cal related meme delights, visit the F Yeah Berkeley Student Bear Tumblr [8] and the UC Berkeley Memes [9] Facebook page.

Image source: Nammi Nadella via memegenerator [10]

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