Hey want a dollar for four minutes of your time? Look out for those “GET PAID $1 TO WATCH A VIDEO” signs for some easy small cash! But let’s say four minutes of your time isn’t worth a dollar. What are those people up to? Luckily, the Clog decided to investigate for you.

As soon as we agreed to watch, the Clog walked over to a video station, put on some headphones and the title “Farm to Fridge” flashed in our faces. Soon, we were taken through various animal factories where chicken, cows and pigs were brutally slaughtered for their meat. Ringing any bells yet? After the rush of violence, the video transitions into a peaceful scene of frolicking animals and a comforting voice urging us to consider the vegan lifestyle. Now before brushing this off as another attempt at your precious meat, consider the effort the group made to get attention. They didn’t shout obscenities. They didn’t shake a fingers while giving cold stares. They gave away money!

Here at Cal being vegan doesn’t necessary make you a minority. In fact, some would argue being vegan in the Bay Area is almost too easy with plenty of options to explore.

Sure, the animal cruelty guilt trip is a bit old, but it’s refreshing to be offered a new lifestyle that one can manage in a polite way. In fact, the Clog, being intrigued by the “a dollar for four minutes” approach, decided to ask Jeni Haines, a Cal Bear hailing from the class of 2010 and a peace and conflict studies major representing Mercy For Animals, on their interesting method of vegan seduction.

The Clog: So, what’s with paying one dollar to folks willing to watch your video?

Jeni: The one dollar provides an incentive to get people to be aware of the issue. People want to know, oh, why the dollar? It’s unique and sparks a curiosity.

The Clog: What do you think makes you stand out from the other organizations promoting a vegan lifestyle?

Jeni: Every organization has its place, so having a lot of different tactics is really important. There’s so much secrecy around animal cruelty in factory farms.

Mercy For Animals does seem to want this issue to be known, with a website dedicated to how set up a paid-per-view station. The video itself is controversial, sporting slightly over a million views on YouTube with a age-restriction to boot.

So would you be willing to watch that video for a dollar? Sorry if we spoiled the surprise for you. At least you’ll get a dollar at the end of it, right?

Image source: Bon Jin Koo, Daily Cal

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