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It’s Sunday, everyone. Many of us are likely hung over. Some of us might be pulling all nighters for midterms. Others might be on the way home from San Francisco; a walk of shame in progress. But either way, it’s morning and we’re all hungry. And that can only mean one thing: BRUNCH. Brunch seems to be Berkeley’s specialty. There are endless options, and even the seniors here at the Clog are finding new places to eat every day. Today, however, we’re going to focus on some of Berkeley’s brunch basics, featuring some of the cheapest and most accessible late morning eats that the East Bay has to offer. read more »

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We’re sure you’re no stranger to the staggering amount of bizarreness on the internet. There are robots posing as people, people posing as robots, too many porn sites to count, videos about everything, videos about nothing … the list goes on.

Keeping that in mind (for the rest of eternity, of course) and scrolling through some of our recent blog posts the other day, we came to realize that The Daily Clog is the lucky recipient of many strange and interesting comments. Here and now, we’re taking the liberty of posting some of our favorites for you (with some sassy commentary, would you expect any less?).

For starters, let’s examine the wonderful make-up brush cleaning tutorial provided for us by Eunice Choi just a couple days ago. Some of the comments provide great feedback and response to the piece. Debbras Canas, for instance, a seemingly veteran comment poster, offered and interesting point of view:

“Hey Kez,Nice pics are you single The danish coach”

Now, just a few follow-up questions. Who is Kez? Why doesn’t Debbras like question marks or periods? What about the Danish coach?! Robt Dumeny, on the other hand, had a very different perspective: read more »

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Spring break is finally here (a shining beacon of light comes down from the heavens and a chorus sings “Hallelujah!”). The only thing separating us from the friends, family and sleep at the end of the tunnel is the San Francisco International Airport. Here is our report from the field:

7:00 p.m: Arrive at the BART station. Dragging our suitcases down the stairs at the station causes a lot of eyes to land on us. The embarrassment finally ends when we get to the bottom, but then we notice that the train has just arrived! Is this the one we want? Where do we transfer? We don’t have time to worry because we either get on here or wait for the next one, and we hate waiting, so we jump on.

7:15 p.m: We have the right train and we are on our way! Just transferred at MacArthur station and there are so many people on the train that a certain black suitcase keeps getting in people’s way, falling and causing them to trip (ok, it was our suitcase but the BART is shaky!). The world seems to move so fast when you are on BART. From the window, SF looks like an Impressionist painting, as we only catch a glimpse of the blurred city landscape. Looking at our watch, we see that we still have about 45 minutes till we reach the airport and our plane leaves at 9:25 p.m. We are not following the parent’s advise of getting there at LEAST two hours early. Hope there are no bumps along the way!

8:00 p.m: We have made it to the airport! Now we find our way to the futuristic tram with the soothing robot voice that takes us to our terminal. Maybe we have read too many science-fiction novels, but that’s how we see it.

8: 20 p.m: read more »


eyeshadowWelcome to college, where girls are blossoming out of their high school selves – unless you were super sexy already and well, you either continue to be hot or are falling apart – to try new things. And we think this upcoming Spring Break is smouldering with not just the potential to be the starting point of your “I’m going to seriously work out for my bikini bod” mentality but also some sexy experimentation. That could mean anything, ranging from push-up bras to dabbing on some perfume.

One of them might very well be makeup. Starting with the basics: eyeliner, mascara, lip gloss, maybe even lip stick, a bit of blush, experimenting around with eyeshadow to give your eyes a pop of color – you get the idea.

Then there are the essentials that come with applying makeup: makeup brushes. And so today, the Clog is going to bring you a very useful and budget-friendly tip for the caring of your brushes.  read more »


When Cal is mentioned in the news, it is usually related to one of  two subjects: a) yet another ground-breaking study that will revolutionize society  or reveal some dark secret of human behavior or b) something something Occupy movement. Bucking this trend, however, NPR recently ran a segment on their program, “All Things Considered” that told a heart-warming story concerning a Cal alumna. Here’s a short run down:

Betty Werther graduated from UC Berkeley in 1949 and afterwards had the opportunity to travel aboard in Europe and study at Sorbonne (i.e. the University of Paris). Werther then basically lived out the life that every young college student aspires to and traveled all across the world from Paris to Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Norway and the Middle East. Unfortunately, along her travels Werther misplaced her passport. read more »

They’re loud, they’re fast and they’re not afraid. The ground during practice time at Underhill quakes under their collective movement, and you can barely hear your own thoughts amongst the intense direction of coaches and captains. After months of practicing 3 nights a week, plus film sessions and weight lifting, they’re on their way to national recognition. And it’s time for you to know what they’re all about.

read more »

apr Yes it’s that time of the year! Spring break?! No, no, not yet you silly. Apartment hunting!

As you may or may not know, now’s a good time to be looking for apartments as leasing contracts approach their end towards the summer. For those you already hunting for your next humble abode, the city is trying to crack down on people like Lakireddy Bali Reddy, who might make your experience living in an apartment miserable if not potentially fatal. Though crooks like Reddy are not that common, the ASUC Renter’s Legal Assistance site is a great resource to brush up on some knowledge to protect yourself against scamming landlords.

Most of you won’t have to deal with shady folks looking for apartments, but here are some tips from the Clog to help you out! read more »


Since we’re all in such close proximity in San Francisco, we figured it was only going to be a matter of time before we had to talk about gay things. More specifically, we’re talking gay clubs, because gay or straight, we’re pretty sure you’ve already been to (or are going to go to) one at some point or another. And, whether you’re a club veteran or a newbie, we figure you can always use some advice on how to behave accordingly (in various situations). So, next time you head to a gay club, here are some things to keep in mind: read more »


Nothing is more representative of the college experience than eight-hour study sessions in main stacks. Fortunately, while the library may currently inspire more ire than affection with the final rush of midterms before spring break, Doe Library will be having an open house on Wednesday, March 21 in celebration of its centennial (1912-2012) that will actually make the library experience fun. read more »

20120315_192608Emmanuel Witzthum, a Jewish artist, went from embassy to embassy trying to get in touch with different artists from different cultural backgrounds. When he reached the American embassy he was told “Sorry, we don’t support culture.” Oh god, our cowboy hats and spurs are showing as some old kranky guy yells from a bar, “We don’t take too kindly to your type…” Luckily, this image faded, or dissolved really, through Witzthum’s artistry.

On a Thursday night at the Magnes museum, another barrier was broken: the barrier between young students and old Jewish art enthusiasts. Everyone turned out for a chance to hear from the great Emmanuel Witzthum. He is a famous composer, violist, curator and lecturer, who is the artist behind the piece Dissolving Localities (details here). It is a mix of sounds, and sites from Berkeley and Jerusalem that is a pleasure for the senses. This night was particuarly special because we got to see how this masterpiece was created. read more »

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