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Qudditch tournament flying over to the west coast

Posted By Kara King On Mar 4, 2012 @ 1:07 pm In Sports | Comments Disabled

10489310_2d9ab9f952_zWe swear we saw the posters in the Free Speech Café come alive and even think we might have spotted Hagrid around People’s Park. It could be that Hogwarts [1] is just on our mind because the largest quidditch tournament [2]ever held on this side of the country is going to take place this month! On March 12 at 9 a.m., gravity may very well give in for the huge number of participants straddling broomsticks.

The Western Cup III Quiditch Tournament will be held on UCLA’s campus [3]. For two days, 19 teams will compete for a chance to catch the golden snitch. Many local teams will be playing such as San Jose State University, Stanford  and of course our very own Quidditch League at Berkeley, who placed fourteenth out of around 100 teams in the Quidditch World Cup last November (accomplishing this great feat using only minimal magic).

If possible get down to LA and embrace your inner Gryffindor! On Saturday each team will play four matches, and then on Sunday things will get serious with double-elimination bracketing based on the results of Saturday’s matches.

When asked about our chances in this years Western Cup, Sean Robbins, founder and co-captain of the Berkeley team had this to say: “We are up against some really amazing teams and many of them will show us some fierce competition, but I think that we stand to do very, very well. UCLA fell earlier than expected last year, but I expect they will prove to be our toughest competition in the tournament. I also expect NAU, the Utah Crimson Fliers, USC, and ASU to give us a run for our money. Overall though, with our team’s skillful and powerful offense, impressive defense, and our agile seekers, I fully expect us to clinch a semi-final finish or better.”

This statement gives us hope for a great tournament. UCLA is a far distance for us to travel during midterm season, but we will report back on the game one way or another. Quidditch is quite high on our priority list at the Clog, as it should be.  We fully support our team and wish them good luck!  Go Bears!

Image source: Schnittke [4] under Creative Commons

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