Take the Hogwarts Express to fun!

Take the Hogwarts Express to fun!

Calling all students of wizardry, all experts on potions, charms, herbology and other magical subjects! We know that you (like us) have been waiting for the chance to use that stunning spell and that copy of “Hogwarts a History” that was compiled from Hermione quotes throughout the entire “Harry Potter” series. Now is the chance to show off your smarts.

That’s right, it’s time for SUPERB’s Harry Potter Trivia Night tomorrow, Thurs., March 8 at 6:30 p.m. in the Eshleman Library! The magical night when being a Harry Potter nerd (did we say nerd? We meant expert) could win you fantastic prizes (other than delicious cocktails and quidditch games) like house trophies, scarves and movie tickets! When else can you look cool to those Hermiones (post third book/movie) and Harrys Rons Nevilles out there?


This guy has what it takes, do you?

In addition, there will be a costume contest, where you could win a gift certificate to CREAM! So come in your best wizard garb (or magical creature costume, we don’t discriminate), if not for love of Harry than for love of ice cream sandwiches. Apparently there will also be free coffee, creamer and pastries, though we can’t imagine such free goodies will last long.

Samples of previous questions include “What is the spell that, if pointed at a wand, can show the last spell performed?” and “What subject did Professor Dumbledore teach before he became Headmaster?” We’re excited and hope to see you there. Show us your game face, and don’t splinch yourself on the way there!

Image sources: HarshLight and jacksonpe under Creative Commons

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