2577889435_5cb79621f3The weather is lovely outside. Hmmmm. What should we do on this beautiful day? Lay out on Memorial Glade? Nah, too many frisbees – one may actually hit us this time! Get some CREAM? Nah, the line is so long it’s barely worth it. We’ve got it! Go on a bike ride through SF … without any clothes?

On Saturday, March 10, SF will be having its 3rd Annual Southern Hemisphere World Naked Bike Ride! Check in begins at 11 a.m. at the north end of Justin Herman Plaza. The ride will go through many of San Francisco’s major streets (there is no hiding your nudity by riding through hidden ally ways), and will end at 3 p.m. (just in time to save your bare body from the chilly night). If they get enough riders there will be an encore ride on Sunday! More nudity! Yay!

The Naked Bike Ride is held across the globe in order to protest our countries dependence on foreign oil and other non-renewable energy sources. In order to encourage others to go green, the riders will be going back to nature. Ah the good old days when one could feel the nice SF breeze across their bare chest, nipples pointing, blonde leg hair shining in the sun and butt-cheeks pressed firmly against the bicycle seat. After all, it is how God intended it.

Now we realize that even though we live in an area that often encourages nudity and free speech, there may be some of you who are still a little shy about going totally butt-naked. Well, luckily the riders are open to you covering up a few of your goodies. Here are some slightly more modest wardrobe options so you don’t feel quite so exposed, but can still support this awesome cause:

1.     Bathing suit

2.     “Naked” T-shirt

3.     Body Paint

4.     Lingerie

5.     A grass skirt and coconut bra

6.     Dress shirt, black socks, no pants

7.     A fun Costume (ninja, pirate etc.)

8.     Toga

9.     Your favorite sports jersey (and nothing else)

10.  Come on, just go naked!

The sun is up. There is not a cloud in the sky. The birds are singing. Lets take our clothes off!

Image source: mygothlaundry under Creative Commons

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