20120315_200033The cold wind and rain scream slouching beanies, fingerless gloves and most importantly HOODIES! If for some reason you are the one hipster without a hoody, or your old one is so old that it does not even work with your “yeah my clothes are holey who gives a $*%@” look, here is a quick review of the three most popular hoody options.

1. The obvious first choice is the one, the only, the American Apparel hoody. Available in any color under the sun, when we think of a hoody we think of this metro-sexual, overpriced but sooooo necessary zip-up. We dare you to sit at Tully’s overlooking Sproul Plaza and count the number of passing students with this signature fleece. But, now, wait a sec … if everyone has one are they …. dare we say it … mainstream?! Well, that is a risk we must take in order to have the number one hoody in Berkeley. When we put this hoody on, even though we join a sea of others, who somehow picked that same speckled-grey color that we thought was so original, we still know we made a great choice as a cocoon of comfort takes hold of our emaciated, pale, hipster bodies. It is the favorite for a reason

2. Low on funds but still want that Amer Appar look? (Oh we love abbrevs!) The next best bet would be the H&M hoody. They also have a wide color selection and even though yes we CAN tell the difference between this cheaper version and the classic option, it is half the price, will serve our purpose and is great for layering under a leather jacket/scarf combo. In short, it is the broke college student’s second best, practical option.

3. Now, we know that labels are lame, but can’t we show our school pride and still act as if we are too cool for school?  The philosophical hipster says, “YES!” Get a classic,“vintage” style UC Berkeley hoody and live in the past while supporting the present. The block letters of this hoody say old-school, east coast university student. It is a way of showing the world that we “liked Berkeley before it was cool.” Our university has nursed our inner hipster into the full-blown indie-lovers that we can proudly call ourselves today. So, why not support our motherland?

Any of these options will keep us dry and stylish even during this terribly wet week. No matter what the weather, we say, “Stay hipster, UC Berkeley!”

Image source: Kara King, Daily Cal

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