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Spring break is finally here (a shining beacon of light comes down from the heavens and a chorus sings “Hallelujah!”). The only thing separating us from the friends, family and sleep at the end of the tunnel is the San Francisco International Airport. Here is our report from the field:

7:00 p.m: Arrive at the BART station. Dragging our suitcases down the stairs at the station causes a lot of eyes to land on us. The embarrassment finally ends when we get to the bottom, but then we notice that the train has just arrived! Is this the one we want? Where do we transfer? We don’t have time to worry because we either get on here or wait for the next one, and we hate waiting, so we jump on.

7:15 p.m: We have the right train and we are on our way! Just transferred at MacArthur station and there are so many people on the train that a certain black suitcase keeps getting in people’s way, falling and causing them to trip (ok, it was our suitcase but the BART is shaky!). The world seems to move so fast when you are on BART. From the window, SF looks like an Impressionist painting, as we only catch a glimpse of the blurred city landscape. Looking at our watch, we see that we still have about 45 minutes till we reach the airport and our plane leaves at 9:25 p.m. We are not following the parent’s advise of getting there at LEAST two hours early. Hope there are no bumps along the way!

8:00 p.m: We have made it to the airport! Now we find our way to the futuristic tram with the soothing robot voice that takes us to our terminal. Maybe we have read too many science-fiction novels, but that’s how we see it.

8: 20 p.m: At the terminal and checking the gate number. No need to print a boarding pass since we did that at home because of the parent’s concern that we would get there too late and not have the time to press a button and print a pass (we decided to at least follow this instruction). Staring blankly at the screen listing what seems like a million flights and numbers to our BART drained eyes, we finally find our gate, 54B. Time to drag our bag over to security.

8:35 p.m: The line is long but not too long. We are doing good time-wise. There is a lovey-dovey, annoying couple that has followed us all the way from the BART to the security line. Apparently they are on the same flight and will be cuddling all the way there. GREAT. At least the chances of them sitting next to us are slim. The security guard is asking every college student if they have alcohol in their bag. We literally laugh-out-loud at this which makes us look suspicious.

8: 45 p.m: We take off our shoes and reveal that we are wearing very bright Hello Kitty socks. We look around hoping that no one notices.

8:50 p.m: Well, the Clog passed the test! Our bags have no knifes, drugs, or even alcohol.

8:55 p.m: We’re hungry! We still have time right? Here is a store. Let’s grab a salad. 6:95!? Holy &%#@! It’s tiny! Well let’s get a sparkling water too since we are feeling rich and international.

9:00 p.m: The gate! We’ve made it! A loud speaker tells us that we will be boarding in just a few minutes. Better hurry up and eat!

9:05 p.m: We will be boarding in another 5 minutes.

9:10 p.m: We will be boarding in another 5 minutes.

9: 15 p.m: We will be boarding in another 5 minutes.

9:20 p.m: Ok time to board! We’re sitting in section “D,” which is the last to board the plane. As we walk through the plane we pass the First-Class section and sneer at them, envying their legroom. If 1 inch was taken off every First-Class passenger’s legroom their would be enough legroom for all the legs on the plane …Occupy?…. No, that is our inner Berkeley hippy talking. We silence the hippy and find our seat.

9:30 p.m: Almost fell over getting our suitcase into the over-head compartment but now we are comfortable. Oh we even have a television!  This is nice. Oh…my…god…it’s THE COUPLE!  Showing our great luck, they take their seats across from us, after stating that Jet Blue is soooo much better. We wish they had flown Jet Blue.

Happy travels! We hope you have a great spring break!

Image Source: seaview99, under Creative Commons

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