5156397109_8778abc8ae_bTaped to anything “tapable” where Montgomery hits Market in SF, are tiny strips of paper advertising the “The Straight Liberation Movement.” We were not aware that straight people needed liberating, with all their attention in the media, over-abundance of marriages (so many that half our wasted on divorce) and what not. But, as the sign leads us to believe, they are still feeling suppressed. Intrigued by the sign, we decided to do some internet research. According to the very lowly research material on the internet, “Straight Liberation” is the fight against the stereotypes placed on heterosexual men and women. Although they may be straight they may not be “super-straight.”

Lets clarify through example. Even though you are a straight man, you may occasionally feel the need to get a pedicure. Clean feet are important to you, and maybe you even add some sheen to your toes with the help of a little clear nail polish. But, whoa, whoa, whoa you are NOT gay.

As a woman, you love to sling back beers and happen to know Tom Brady as the record-breaking quarterback of the New England Patriots, and NOT just as the “sexy one” who looks amazing in blue. Although you are one of the guys, you still like to be taken out by a nice, burly man.

As far as we can tell, straight liberation means a breaking from those gender roles that separate us into “male” and “female.” In addition, it may also reflect your preference as a straight couple to use any method of birth control, and feel encouraged to do, whatever it is you do, with your heterosexual partner in the bedroom. The goal is for all to be as free and kinky as they are naturally inclined to be.

Now back to the little white sign … Apparently the “opening meeting to organize heterosexual emancipation” is scheduled to take place on Monday, April 2 at 4 p.m. at UC Berkeley! As always, we the people of UCB are looking for a revolution.We know very little about heterosexual suppression, (the term still makes us laugh to ourselves a little while typing) but it looks like we may have the opportunity to learn a lot more.

Image source: okadots, under Creative Commons

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