Thinking about watching Mission Impossible to start the weekend vicariously? Mulling over what Ron Paul had to say? Or do you just simply want to get to class? So there you are, just reflecting on the complications of life when suddenly … HELLO! Would you like to hear about <insert ASUC candidate name here>? Um … *awkward silence*

Well, if learning about the ASUC and its candidates from a different source is more suitable for you, then here’s a nifty guide on the do’s and don’t's on avoiding ASUC campaigners or Sproulers in general.


DO: Get into cart that drives students around. Plus, you can give all the Sproulers creepy looks as you roll along.


DON’T: Wear bright clothing that will potentially make you more attractive (not in fashion appeal though, sorry).


DO: Walk by when the campaigner is busy drinking his or her boba milk tea.


DO: Grab a shiny sticker and a copy of the Daily Cal (free V.O.I.C.E. flyer included).
But seriously, campaigners tend to avoid people with Daily Cal gear for some reason… *wink*


DO: If you’re up for the challenge, collect flyers and pretend you’re a Sprouler yourself!


DO: Pretend you’re part of a touring high school.


Yoshua: Don’t bother voting!


DO: Be part of tour group, though once you go stationary, you might have to pull some ninja moves to get safely out of campus.


DO: Be on your phone at all costs. Look busy, too.


Or just skate away and not let campaigners catch you in the first place! (Although you aren’t supposed do this in the middle of Sproul during school hours, so
do this at your own risk!)


DO: Stare at the Daily Cal balloon.


Here’s Steven the Squirrel. Vote for Steven! He promises nuts for all.

We hope you enjoyed our little visual guide! Be sure to seriously vote though! We’re supposed to be neutral, but Steven definitely has the advantage so … ahem, we’re not suggesting anything.

Image source: Bon Jin Koo, Daily Cal


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