2431037499_cda3e6935cOn a rainy, windy, terribly distressing weekend of midterms in March, we tuned in to the live stream of the Western Cup III Quidditch Tournament (Read “Quidditch tournament flying over to the west coast”). Even through the bad-quality, grainy, stream we could see that the sun was shining at UCLA. It was a beautiful day for some Quidditch. The grass seemed much greener on the other side of the television screen, as we sat in our dark dorm room, a torrential down pour keeping us from going outside. During this rainy day we could either study or watch Quidditch, we decided on the latter.  As promised we have the results for you.

The stream would not let us watch a lot of the tournament. It was quite terrible, cutting out right when the losing team was about to catch the snitch: one of the most exciting moments of the sport. Also, the stream was biased towards the home team, showing mostly the matches involving UCLA. Berkeley did not get a lot of airtime. But, in spite of our teams lack of public broadcasting, we did manage to leave the tournament victorious against every team but the great UCLA. Because of this we did not make it into the exciting final match, a match made in rivalry heaven.

The championship game we were able to watch with very little buffering, a blessing bestowed upon us by the Quidditch gods because of our exceptional patience during the lesser matches. The game brought together LA’s biggest rivals: UCLA and USC. It was a very exciting match. Although the UCLA team was the favorite, and had home field advantage, USC was victorious, beating their longtime public school enemies! The USC victory made us break out in maniacal laughter, at the thought that the one team that made us suffer defeat, went down themselves in a rather embarrassing fashion, on their own soil, with their own fans cheering, slaughtered by the so-called “University of Spoiled Children.”

Yes, we are poor sports. It is a flaw, but also the spark that ignites our academic fire making us the top UC in the country (we cannot stop jabbing UCLA). But, we can admit that UCLA’s team was a magical spectacle for the eyes, and was defeated by another amazing team. They hosted a great event, and were responsible for giving us a reason to not study, stare at the Southern California sun and dream of holding an awkwardly shaped wooden object between our legs that are so frequently denied sunshine.

Image source: Squitten under Creative Commons


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