It’s time to put on our super tight skinny jeans, distressed denim jackets and obscure band t-shirts, because we have a new music artist that we think you’ll like! Her name is Nanna Øland Fabricius, and if that wasn’t already fabulous enough, she became Oh Land at the beginning of her music career.

Born in Copenhagen, Denmark, Oh Land was formerly pursuing a career in ballet, and was studying at the Royal Danish and Royal Swedish Ballet schools. She later suffered from a spinal fracture and a slipped disk, which inadvertently put an end to her career in dance and ignited her career in music. Her debut album came out in the U.S. in April of last year, a new single came out this month and a new album is (hopefully) on the way.

Oh Land’s sultry synth pop is inherently catchy and addicting. In her first single, “Son of a Gun” (see video below), she tells the story of an upbeat kind of heartbreak that isn’t as visceral and exposed as the reigning Adele’s. “I wanna live in darkness,” she sings, “don’t wanna be spun around.” Another song, titled “Wolf & I,” borders on a sort of dreamlike exoticism. Sure, her career as a ballet dancer is over, but her trials as a Danish songstress have just begun. Maybe it was a blessing in disguise (like the In-N-Out secret menu)?

What you should definitely do is download her first album, “Oh Land,” and get ready for some dancing. You should also definitely go to her concert tonight at The Independent in San Francisco, at 8:00 p.m. Sure, it’s a school night, but who’s actually doing homework these days anyway?

Music Video: “Son of a Gun”

Image source: TonyFelgueiras under Creative Commons

Brigitte said:
Apr 9, 2012 at 2:24 pm

Nicely done Ryan, unfortunately the link is not working:(. Oh well, time to check out youtube.