clog pic (tumblr)Admit it – you have, at one point or another in your career as a Cal student, had to run for the 51B before, been apathetic about the ASUC candidate platforms (even when they try to tell you all about it), and almost certainly have stealthily avoided flyers on Sproul. This and other classic Berkeley sentiments are captured in yet another GIF-tastic Tumblr site,

Reminiscent of sites like, yougotocal represents a whole new brand of tumblr-ing, basing posts solely on hilarious GIFs (Graphics Interchange Formats) depicting popular culture parallels to the perils or joys that a Cal student may encounter.

So quick! While it’s still a hipster thing (it’s relatively new, thus not as mainstream, thus you can say you knew it before it was big) check it out, and subsequently begin spamming friends on Facebook, charging them guilty of the phenomena depicted. We know we already have.


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