The Pacific Film Archive has been a wonderful venue for various film festivals throughout the school year and is ending spring semester on a strong note by screening 42 films for the 55th annual San Francisco International Film Festival, the longest running film festival in America. The PFA will show four films for the festival every Saturday and Sunday and two every week day until Thursday, May 3.

This Saturday has a line-up that features a diverse selection of films if you want to distract yourself this weekend before the last stretch of classes. At 2 p.m. the PFA will screen Isaki Lacuesta’s “The Double Steps.” The  film takes place in West Africa and follows two characters who are looking for an abandoned bunker where François Augiéras, a French artist and writer, hid a series of mural paintings supposedly reserved for the “enlightened.”

After “The Double Steps,” director Peter Nicks will take over with his documentary, “The Waiting Room” at 3:50 p.m. The documentary shows the day-to-day life of the doctors, nurses, patients and social workers at the Highland Hospital located in Oakland, a hospital that admits more than 73,000 ER patients annually.

At 6:15 p.m., the PFA will screen “Blink of an Eye,” a compilation of five experimental films featuring directors Vincent Grenier, Jerome Hiler, Charlotte Pryce, Samantha Rebello and Sylvia Schedelbauer. Each film explores in its own way how humans perceive and make images of the world.

Finally, the day will end at 8:30 p.m. with Cai Shangjun’s “People Mountain, People Sea,” in which the protagonist, Lao Tie, tries to track down his brother’s murderers in the slums of Chongqing.

Tickets for the films mentioned above are available online at the SFIFF official website. Make sure to check out films that will be playing in other venues and the various events that will take place throughout San Francisco. What’s a better way to experience the SF life than attending the hoity-toity film festivals and museums? We will bring the berets and the moustaches!

Image source: Saire Elizabeth under Creative Commons

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