4095665898_1c1806d25c_bFinancial Aid seminars? Not hipster. Enthusiastic people? Not hipster. Science? Not hipster. Dr. Dog? Not … Wait, Hipster!

We were feeling left out. We, the hipsters, are a big part of the Cal community, and yet on the day devoted to Cal and all of its glory, we were beginning to feel a little under-represented. But, the Cal Day concert is our time to show those incoming freshman that Cal is, and always will be, a hipster haven. Adding to the list of indie bands that have played on the steps of the library on this, the greatest of days, Dr. Dog will be presenting their scrappy, country, Philly feel to the people of the glade tomorrow at 4:00 p.m., for free! They will be following in the footsteps of such cutting edge bands as The Cold War Kids and The Dodos.

With such hits as “That Old Black Hole,” “Lonesome” and “Shadow People,” this band really “pushes the envelope against the grain.” There is something that strikes a cord of remembrance in their music, leaving us feeling homesick. Like Proust’s Madeleine, their music brings a flood of childhood memories to our minds, taking us back to a simpler time. Mastering their art, the band takes these old school elements, and using musical chemistry, mixes them until the same old feeling that left us wanting to run back to our hipster houses, and call our neglected relatives, turns into a unique energy. Thus, combining the vintage with the 21st century, their songs come out sounding like a new national hipster anthem.

Smoke in the air, our feet dangling from the library roof (somehow we always manage to get up there, slipping through security), we can see a hipster community forming on the grass below us. The Cal Day concert gives us a way to show our school pride, while not giving into the mainstream. Dr. Dog promises to encourage this sense of community, giving us exactly what we came for. Hipsters don’t always like to be lonesome.

Check out the bands newest beats here!

Image source: Pupkin, under Creative Commons


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