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Hipster Haven: St. Vincent (may her holy light shine upon you)

Posted By Ryan Roschke On Apr 24, 2012 @ 2:54 pm In Arts,Sandbox | Comments Disabled


Attention to any and all individuals with classic Toms [1] and raw denim jackets:

As you hopefully saw yesterday [2], we clued you in on a little show happening tonight at The Fox Theater [3] in Oakland. The duo performing is a veritable wet dream in the world of indie music, so we’re definitely bringing a spare pair of American Apparel [4] underwear and gearing up for some amazing music. As we already mentioned, the opening act for tonight’s show is the effervescent and endlessly talented Merrill Garbus, better known as tUnE-yArDs [5]. An act like that is tough to follow, but we’re confident St. Vincent [6] has what it takes.

St. Vincent was born as Annie Clark in Tulsa, Oklahoma (everyone loves a good southern belle), and began her solo career in 2007 with her debut album, “Marry Me.” Although it got her some attention, she didn’t hit it big until the release of her second album, “Actor,” in 2009. The album was reportedly inspired by Clark’s rediscovery of Disney [7] movies and other children’s films.  Each song was inspired by a different scene from an iconic childhood movie.

Coincidentally, Annie Clark seems to be a live action Disney princess herself. She has stunningly big eyes, wild curly hair and the voice of a mermaid princess unicorn fairy (AKA it’s like, really amazing). Perhaps the best part of Clark’s musical style embodies represents two ends of a spectrum: her sweet, angelic voice gnashed in the teeth of punk rock indie greatness. The material is dark, profound, intricate, but Clark presents it all with some sort of silken ease, a finesse that really isn’t easy to pull off. Her newest album is no exception. Titled “Strange Mercy,” it focuses on a more twisted version of reality. In one of her singles, titled “Cruel [8]” (click for the video), she sings, “They could take or leave you / So they took you, and they left you / How could they be casually cruel?” In the music video, Clark sings while she’s being buried alive. We’re feelin’ the drama, are you?! Long story short, the album is her most prolific and complete to date.

This is going to be a show you don’t want to miss.  The tribal energies of tUnE-yArDs and the punk rock princess persona which St. Vincent embodies together will give you a night to remember. Who’s doing work right now anyway? So hop on your fixie and ride like the wind; it’s not often you encounter such an awesome show.

Get amped up for the show, St. Vincent’s latest music video, “Cheerleader”:

Image source: kate.gardiner under Creative Commons

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