1611765413_d01b66af58_bSummer is almost upon us! It’s time to creep out of our study holes like the survivors of a zombie apocalypse and get a taste of that much needed summer sun. After your tired eyes and pinkish-white skin have gotten used to the shock, we invite you to come lay out on Memorial Glade with us. During this week of RRR, use the Berkeley Beach to your advantage. Here are a few useful tips for your day at this surprisingly grassy seaside.

1. Bring a Blanket: With nothing in between the wet grass and your pasty thighs, your stay at the beach will not be as enjoyable. The grass is often wet and after a while will leave red, itchy imprints on your skin. We assume this is not what you want. So bring a blanket, towel, or old sheet, and lay on it just as you would on the sand.

2. Gain Higher Ground: In our opinion, the best spots on the glade are those that are slightly elevated. Go towards the edges, where the ground is slightly higher, and you will find that your experience will be much improved. First off, the view is better, as you can see all the activity going on around you. Also, you are farther away from the Frisbees, dogs and other nonsense that goes on at the center of the glade. Plus, you get to feel like the king (or queen) of Memorial, looking down on your subjects.

3. Wear Sunscreen: Honestly, if you are the kind of person who tans you will tan with or without it, and if you are the kind of person that does not tan, well, you are wasting your time anyway. We hate to be like your mother, but skin cancer is bad! Often the lack of a barrier between you and the sun will lead to the cooked-lobster look, rather than the tanned-god/goddess ideal.

4. Hats On: There is nothing better than placing a wide-brimmed hat over your eyes (Indiana Jones is our muse here) and taking a nice nap on the grass. Somehow, you feel separated from the world when that hat is over your eyes. Doing double duty, it also protects your fair face from the sun’s harsh rays.

5. Pack the Essentials: A book, some tunes, water and a snack is all you need.

We hope to see you on the cool side of the glade!

Image Source: superqq, under Creative Commons


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