Bike across GGB

In light of recent Golden Gate Bridge celebrations, we thought that for our next summer bucket list item, we’d involve our favorite 75-year old bridge (because there are just so many of them!). After taking a nice naked dive into Strawberry Canyon Pool, try drying off by … well, drying off. And then hit up the GGB for a bike ride — yeah, we know, physical activity gets to us too.

But trust us, a breath-taking view of the San Francisco Bay combined with an enjoyable excursion in wonderful weather makes it all worth it. read more »

Cannes Film Festival

The Cannes Film Festival is, if you don’t know already, one of the world’s largest and most prestigious film festivals. One of our very own, former Daily Cal arts and entertainment writer and UC Berkeley graduate Ryan Lattanzio, was able to land the coveted position of a jury member and critic for the movie fest this year.

The Clog sat down for an exclusive interview with him to dissect the adventures of a Cannes jurist — we learned a few things, including the process of getting there (which involves many brutal battles of bravery), the crazy Disneyland-like lines to get into film screenings, and Bill Murray’s camouflaging tendencies. Here’s his take on it: read more »

apple plug

Allo and welcome to another tech tip! Since we had a tech tip mainly focused on Windows based computers last week, we decided its time to let the Mac users shine a bit. Well, “shine” as in expose potential problems. But surely, Macs don’t break right? read more »

golden gate bridge

On May 27, the Golden Gate Bridge will be celebrating its 75th anniversary. We’re not typically ones for bridge trivia, but considering how the GG is halfway through being a septuagenarian, we thought we might share with you some fun facts about the world’s ninth longest bridge and the festivities to take place tomorrow. read more »

pretty pool

So you’ve bought your ticket to a concert at the Greek Theater, and anxiously waiting for the show day to arrive, but now what? Need more on your summer bucket list? Add swimming at Strawberry Canyon Pool to that.

Swimming naked, that is. read more »

Venice Beach

For all of you who have been up in the Bay, visiting graduations or graduating yourself, here’s a brief recap of what’s been happening down south. In two words: not much.

Some Cloggers stuck here in Southern California sorely miss Berkstown, and we hope to be reunited with Cal and all its solar eclipse-infused glory soon. read more »

Allo, allo fellow Bears! How is summer treating you? Tanning lots? No? Staying inside all day just staring at the computer screen? We knew it! Go outside and get some fresh air.

But if you insist on staying inside, here are some tips on getting that ol’ laptop a little more speedy when you turn it on. read more »


Protestors marching against tuition increases at the UC Regents Meeting on Wednesday, May 16 dressed up as inmates from a “debtor’s prison” and stormed the Capitol. And when we say stormed, we really mean walked around in a circle singing Sam Cooke’s “Chain Gang.”

The song choice was most befitting of the occasion, and the Clog liked it so much that we decided to proffer some other musical selections for potential future use: read more »

bonfire greek theater

Starting today, the Clog is beginning a Summer Bucket List Series, where we’ll suggest some of the hippest, chilliest, coolest, swaggiest, Cloggiest, you-don’t-want-to-miss-these things to do this summer. Let the fun times begin!

First up on our list: see a concert at the Greek Theater! read more »


April showers bring May flowers — well the aforementioned flowers have finally arrived, and what better place to view them than at Berkeley’s very own Botanical Gardens?

The Clog loves the summer bloom, and if you do to, be sure to check out the many offerings the gardens will be holding this summer! Here are just a few events that you may want to see: read more »

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