4543932241_4256231ea9_zThe semester is winding down. The week ahead promises to be filled with procrastination and if you are graduating, reminiscing. You will be going to every restaurant, bar, or café in the Berkeley area in order to get all your Berkeley energies out before you pack up and head home (whether home means into your mother’s open arms, or to your new grad school landscape).

So, as we sign off on Berkeley life, we will be briefly re-living our first experiences at a few of Berkeley’s most unique cafés and bars. Maybe they will inspire you to visit them if you are yet to try them, or simply remind you to go back one last time.

First up is the Elmwood Cafe on College Ave. It is one of our all time favorites, and one not often visited because it is not just right across the street from campus. Enjoy!

Stepping in you feel like a 1950’s European gentleman (or gentle woman). It looks half cute crepe nook, half vintage greaser hang out. You order your cappuccino and a warm scone or biscuit, and possibly slather on a generous portion of almond butter. The middle-aged guy taking your order has a REAL Italian accent, something we all think is sexy whether we admit it or not.

Sitting down at one of the tables, you can watch the College Avenue traffic while listening to the inspiring chatter of a group of grad students talking about whether Orestes was justified in killing his mother. If Greek tragedy does not interest you, the place offers a wide range of eaves-dropping topics on a Saturday afternoon. The Elmwood Cafe is a great place to chat, try an Italian soda, or stick to your everyday cup of joe. Sit back, and enjoy the diverse background of Berkeley life.

Image Source: msuner48, under Creative Commons


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