April showers bring May flowers — well the aforementioned flowers have finally arrived, and what better place to view them than at Berkeley’s very own Botanical Gardens?

The Clog loves the summer bloom, and if you do to, be sure to check out the many offerings the gardens will be holding this summer! Here are just a few events that you may want to see:

A walk through the Garden of Old Roses: The Garden of Old Roses will be at the peak of its bloom at this time — it’s situated at the top of the Garden with a breath-taking view of San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge. On Saturday, May 19, horticulturalist Peter Klement will be taking folks on a botanical stroll and spewing some ethnobotanical tales of old. Actually, we’re not really sure what “ethnobotanical” entails, but it sounds fancy.

Check out da butterflies: Bringin’ up you kid brother or sister for the weekend? Well this program on Tuesday, May 22, is children-friendly — you’ll be looking through the garden’s collection of butterflies and ooh-ing and ahh-ing over all the pretty colors. The Clog loves its butterflies — as long as they don’t resemble the slake moths from Perdido Street Station.

Bzzz bzz bzz: Ever thought about bee-keeping as a hobby before? Yeah, us neither. But if you’re curiosity is piqued, the garden is offering a workshop on Sunday, June 10 on the basics of urban bee-keeping. Even if you don’t dig the little stingers, there’s at least honey tasting involved. We only wish that there would also be an informative session on the badass honey badger as well.

There’s more to the lawn than just mowing: Apparently there’s a whole science behind lawn growing, and various “lawn alternatives” one can learn about at the garden on Friday, June 15. Well, seeing as how we Americans love to be on the side where “the grass is greener”, learning appropriate lawn cultivating techniques would be relevant. Let us know if any of them actually work!

Image source: rskoon (Richard) under Creative Commons


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