pretty pool

So you’ve bought your ticket to a concert at the Greek Theater, and anxiously waiting for the show day to arrive, but now what? Need more on your summer bucket list? Add swimming at Strawberry Canyon Pool to that.

Swimming naked, that is.

Strawberry Canyon Pool is quite picturesque — it’s situated behind Memorial Stadium on your way up to the Lawrence Hall of Science, and decked out with plenty of grass and lots of sun. SF Bay Guardian even featured it as part of their “Nude Beaches Guide” just two years ago. Ignore the “B” rating though — they’re just sad it’s not a full on beach. But hey, what do ya expect? This ain’t SB. And it’s pretty damn nice for an outdoor community pool.

Of course you can always just put on your favorite bikini and tan in the sun, but that wouldn’t make it a bucket list, now would it? Heck, if that’s all you wanted to do, you might as well hit up Hearst Pool or Spieker Pool.

The key is skinny dipping at night, when you’re less likely to be caught. Especially if you’re Channing Tatum trying to win back Rachel McAdam’s heart in a Nicholas Sparks novel-based movie. Or if you’re just looking for an adventurous time in the doldrums of summer.

Either way, it’s another thing you gotta try before leaving Berkeley. And if you insist on being conservative and keeping your clothes on … well, Strawberry is always nice for an old-fashioned swim anyway.

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Image source: belindah under Creative Commons

Craig said:
May 25, 2012 at 5:57 pm

Done. Summer after junior year with one of the female borders.