Venice Beach

For all of you who have been up in the Bay, visiting graduations or graduating yourself, here’s a brief recap of what’s been happening down south. In two words: not much.

Some Cloggers stuck here in Southern California sorely miss Berkstown, and we hope to be reunited with Cal and all its solar eclipse-infused glory soon.

1. Ice hockey is now the new big thing.

Dear lord, if we have to hear another word about the oh-so-mighty L.A. Kings, we might just shoot ourselves. You see, the thing about SoCal sports fans is that they don’t get excited about their teams and don’t show up to games unless the teams are actually doing well. Never have we seen Staples Centers this packed for an ice hockey game in years. Wayne Gretzky must be mightily pleased. We can only feel for the poor Anaheim Ducks, not getting any SoCal love. And we wish that we were back in the Bay, so that we didn’t have to listen to the latest Kings commentary every time we sat down at a restaurant.

2. The MJ comes south.

Who said the Bay Area was the only one invested in its pot? Authorities apparently found around 7,000 pounds of marijuana, essentially $3 million dollars worth of weed, floating off the Southern California coast. No one knows who dumped it there, but you can rest assured that if this had happened up North, there would’ve been quite a frenzy in getting at it.

3. Too. Much. Traffic.

Unlike NorCal, with it’s wonderful BART system, SoCal-ers depend heavily on their automobiles for transportation. As such, traffic is infinitely worse. We don’t have statistics to back that up, but we can say that taking 30 minutes to drive 5 miles is definitely something that is not comparable elsewhere. Take us back to the days of AC Transit and free bus rides!

Are we missing something here or anywhere else? Are you someplace that’s not the Bay Are and perhaps interested in writing for the Daily Cal Travel Blog? Shoot us an email at [email protected]!

Image source: majunzk under Creative Commons

Some Kings Fan. said:
May 25, 2012 at 10:56 am

Look, I totally get it. It’s the summer and things are a little slow for you guys. Trust me, I’ve been there. But are you really gonna bash the Kings and talk about L.A. traffic? As a former clogger and Kings fan since I was but a wee lad, this post upsets me. Sure, you always have bandwagon fans during a successful playoff run for any team, and sure, Lakers fans are pretty annoying (they always seem to wait until the Finals to mention they even care), but hockey fans, especially Kings fans, are a noble, loyal breed. Even when the Kings aren’t doing well (which happens a lot), they pack the Staples Center. I know because I’ve been there, several times. So can you blame us for getting excited now that they might win their first Stanley Cup ever?! They’ve been around since ’67 and the last, and only, time they made the Stanley Cup Finals was in ’93. I wasn’t even old enough to remember! And the Stanley Cup just so happens to be the most incredibly awesome trophy in sports! Just ask the Onion. I for one am thrilled. At least I’m not hearing about the Giants anymore. Talk about a bandwagon! With all the sudden Black and Orange Giants’ digs I saw around campus in 2010, I kinda wanted to shoot myself in the face. And baseball isn’t even that cool! (I’m trying to be nice here since I actually think baseball’s a boring, worthless game). Not only that, I don’t see Nor-Cal sports fans flocking to see the struggling A’s who happen to have the second to lowest average attendance according to some chart on that I just found. Anyways, you’re welcome for posting a comment that isn’t spam. And good luck with your future cloggy adventures. End rant.

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