apple plug

Allo and welcome to another tech tip! Since we had a tech tip mainly focused on Windows based computers last week, we decided its time to let the Mac users shine a bit. Well, “shine” as in expose potential problems. But surely, Macs don’t break right?

Terrible humor aside, this Mac tech tip is short and sweet! A fellow Cal bear, Mark Miyashita, currently authors a Mac tech help site. Mac Hints from BinaryAge contains a score of helpful tips and tricks to fix, improve or tweak your overly priced piece of machinery to your liking! He’s an EECS major and passionate about computer science, so we trust him. For now.

So for Mac help check out this fellow Cal Bear’s site! We particularly liked the “How To Record Your Screen on a Mac OS X” and an iPhone battery trick that some people might find useful.

Next week, we promise we’ll have a tip for both Windows, Mac and yes, even Linux.

Image source: Lori Greig under Creative Commons


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