Bike across GGB

In light of recent Golden Gate Bridge celebrations, we thought that for our next summer bucket list item, we’d involve our favorite 75-year old bridge (because there are just so many of them!). After taking a nice naked dive into Strawberry Canyon Pool, try drying off by … well, drying off. And then hit up the GGB for a bike ride — yeah, we know, physical activity gets to us too.

But trust us, a breath-taking view of the San Francisco Bay combined with an enjoyable excursion in wonderful weather makes it all worth it.

Worried about not having a bike? Worry not! There are plenty of bike rental sites throughout the city, for fairly reasonable prices. Single bikes can go for $20 to $40 for a day, while tandem bikes (the ones where you can do two to a bike) can go for $60 a day.

Stop when you’re mid-way across the bridge (you’ll be about 220 feet above the water then and the view will be absolutely gorgeous) and be sure to snap a bunch of photos.

The ride itself is about 1.7 miles, so the trek ain’t too bad. Heck, you walk much more than that in a given day in Berkeley, especially if you’re living in Clark Kerr. If you’re too tired to move any more by the time you get across though, you can always ferry back across the bay.

Why ride across the water though, when you can ride above it?

Any suggestions as to what our next item should be on the summer bucket list? Feel free to comment below, or email us at [email protected]!

Image source: Christina Haugen under Creative Commons

Craig said:
May 31, 2012 at 11:44 am

Biking or visiting the golden gate bridge is an excellent recommendation. During the summer, I find that friends who are not from the coast want to take trips to the beach. They seem to enjoy Stinson more than Ocean Beach, because it gets them away from the urban world a bit more, but they really get a kick out of Santa Cruz once you throw in a visit to the boardwalk. They also really enjoy Six Flags.