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Berkeley ain’t no Atlantic City, but if you’re aching to gamble, horse racing is your next best bet (pun completely intended). Luckily, we have a race track close by in the form of Golden Gate Fields.

The horses come back to please on Friday, August 17, and will end the summer session in September. read more »


Women would never think of becoming scientists to seek knowledge or solve world problems; they would choose science as a career field because they can wear stilettos  in the lab — at least that is what the European Commission video aiming to bridge the gap between female and male scientists thinks.

The above screen shot is just a taste of the whole video. read more »


Spotted: Council woman Susan Wengraf of District 6 jumping into a Berkeley patrol car. Sadly, our gossip isn’t as juicy as you’d might hope — she wasn’t arrested for anything like sleeping/sitting on a sidewalk in public, but was instead taking a ride-along with BPD.

Berkeleyside quotes Wengraf as saying, “I helped catch a criminal. It was so much more satisfying than a City Council meeting.” No doubt, since you clearly almost fell asleep on one of the most raucous city council meetings all year.

So basically, Wengraf’s adrenaline thrills come from riding in cop cars. Or maybe she’s just channeling her inner Beyonce.

Lesson learned: to get Wengraf to pay attention to the next meeting, taker her on a ride around the block first.

Image source: Bas Van Uyen under Creative Commons


Due to the callings of lemon infused chicken, the Clog was unable to stay for the entirety of last night’s City Council meeting, which involved placing a pool measure on the fall ballot. What we were able to catch however, were debates over street names and baseball analogies: read more »


We dk who these kids are, but at least they're good looking

If there’s anything Berkeley likes to get up in arms about, it’s people getting overpaid.

The Alameda County Grand Jury published a report finding that the Berkeley Rent Stabilization Board is a “self-sustaining bureaucracy that operates without effective oversight and accountability.” Ooh so many buzzwords being thrown around, our eyes hurt. Oversight! Accountability! Bureaucracy! Rahhh get riled!

Berkeleyside reports: read more »


Blowing bubbles is the pastime of many a small child, but Louis Pearl is making a living of it.

On June 30, Louis Pearl will be doing his last summer show of The World’s Funniest Bubble Show at The Mash in Downtown Berkeley. As strange as the title sounds it may actually be a show worth seeing. read more »

marijuana chihuahua

And just when we thought cultivating MJ would be a lucrative business … Berkeley resident Huy Trinh is sentenced to 15 years in prison for being the Chief Executive Grower of two East Bay locations. read more »


Looking for a place in  San Francisco’s Tenderloin to do your laundry where you can also enjoy a nice hot sausage? Look no further, Joey’s has everything you could ever want while waiting for your socks to dry!

We were walking by Joey’s, located at 517 O’Farrel St., after Pride, and just had to share this. We looked into the store’s front window and saw a cafe front with a large washer and dryer room in the back. This is brilliance, but like one Yelp reviewer of Joey’s asks, “How did this place come to exist?”

Image source: Robert Frawley, Daily Cal

Don’t get us wrong, Pixar knows how to make captivating movies despite the perpetual predictable happy ending. Brave centers around a princess (Disney has decided to be original), whose name was too complicated to remember and who doesn’t like her mom deciding her fate for her. The princess chooses to follow her own fate (literally, there are these apparitions that lead her to her fate) and in doing so makes the decision to change her mom. read more »

We weren't so sure of the disposition of the people around us.

We weren't so sure of the disposition of the people around us.

The Temper Trap, an Australian indie rock band, recently played in San Francisco at The Warfield. Here are some words of advice we compiled after attending the concert:

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