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If there’s a fire on BART, hit up the SF Arts Market

Posted By Sparsha Saxena On Jun 18, 2012 @ 4:42 pm In Arts | Comments Disabled


The BART trains failed us last Thursday [1]. We couldn’t make it back to the East Bay. As indicated many times by the scratchy voice of the conductor, Embarcadero Street was our “last stop.”

Even though we couldn’t reach our intended destination, the BART managed to leave us at the mecca of local artists. The San Francisco Arts & Crafts Market at Justin Herman Plaza [2] is held daily throughout the year. For the entire day, local artists sell their unique crafts to the Bay denizens.

We looked at a few local vendors at the fair.

Torsten Hasselman [3]

"Hipster" art

"Hipster" art

Hours: All day Thursday and maybe another (it’s fairly random, you never know with hipsters)

Torsten Hasselman likes to make people happy. No, not like that  — get yo’ mind out of the gutter.

This simple, yet necessary intention serves as the inspiration behind his quirky “hipster” octopus and the cheetah riding a bicycle shirts. His all natural and comfy shirts (and yoga pants — there are more than a few) have emotional content as well as aesthetic simplicity.  Seeing a hipster octopus in and of itself does evoke some emotional response (it varies for everyone). His “one-of-a-kind” clothing appeals to a younger demographic (that could be us).

Katie Carrin [4]

Scuttle would be more than happy to have one

Scuttle would be more than happy to have one

Hours: All day Thursday, Friday and Saturday

When Katie Carrin isn’t selling her sea glass jewelry in San Francisco, she’s normally sifting through the sand of beaches in NorCal in search of more sea glass for her future artistic endeavors. While options such as pearls and gemstones exist for jewelry — she started making jewelry through these materials — Carrin finds that sea glass stands out (the effort alone in finding a rainbow of sea glass colors stands out). Her jewelry is reminiscent of her childhood collection and general love for the ocean.

Ron Menninga [5]

Who knew a love for wood could turn into this?

Who knew a love for wood could turn into this?

Hours: All day Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday

Ron Menninga was quite serious when he told us he liked wood. Because he was raised on a farm, wood was a big part of his childhood. He likes it because of its versatility. He characterizes wood as not only sturdy but “organic” and “friendly” (his connection with wood is a little too complex for us). Even though we can purchase wood bowls at Ikea or Target, Menninga’s products are special in that buyers know where the wood is from — Florida — as opposed to random forests in Thailand and the Philippines (he does indeed know his wood, and again, not like that).

Sandy Guess

Guess what these are about?

Guess what these are about?

Hours: All day Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday

A Cal alumnus, Sandy Guess is new to Frisco. The beauty of San Francisco pushed him into the arts. Upon first glance, his work looks like a picture. As we get closer our opinion changes to a painting. It obviously isn’t either, so what could it be — Guess enjoys keeping us guessing. While he started taking photos of places such as the Golden Gate, he found that a photograph didn’t capture the same beauty he saw and felt around the Bay. He moved toward digitally enhanced photographs because he believes that through the editing and color changes that come with this technology he could better bring out the same excitement he observes. But even though he has barely spent a week selling at the market, he’s adamant on staying.

So the next time there’s a fire (or not) and you find yourself boarding off of Embarcadero, be sure to drop by Justin Herman Plaza. What you find might surprise you.

Image source: Sparsha Saxena (all), Daily Cal

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