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The BCCM Recap: Heath Ledger Impersonations and Dolphin Love

Posted By Lynn Yu On Jun 20, 2012 @ 6:45 pm In News | Comments Disabled

heath ledger joker

The Berkeley City Council meetings [1] (here on out known as BCCM) are free entertainment — the Clog simply can’t get enough. We’ll be providing y’all with a recaps every time we hit one up. Here’s this week’s, involving armored tanks and nuclear energy:

When the Clog first walked in the room last night, Police Chief Michael Meehan [2] was being interrogated by the Council and verbally assaulted by the crowd for Berkeley PD’s latest acquisition, an armored truck [3].

“There are very few ways to stop a bullet,” said Meehan. “America is the most armed nation in the world.” He went on to give examples of instances where an armored truck would be needed, such as clearing space where people are trapped and the safety of officers would be jeopardized.

You know Meehan, if you taught your officers to bend bullets like James McAvoy in Wanted [4], all your problems would be solved.

Councilmen Kriss Worthington [5] and Max Anderon [6] however, disagreed with our idea. Anderson asked, “Why do we need one in Berkeley if we have a regional one [in Oakland]?” He also stated, “The most violent act in this country besides 9/11 has been economic terrorism”, a comment that earned raucous approval from the crowd.

Lesson learned from Anderson: when talking about armored vehicles, be sure to drop in comments about how bad the economy is — it’s sure to get you applause and secure you a re-election.

Worthington seems to be on the same page; he mentioned, “It’s not just enough that we make Berkeley an island unto itself.” We completely agree. We believe that Berkeley needs to be an archipelago. On a more substantive note, Worthington questioned why the truck would be stored with UCPD rather than BPD. Because batons are not enough to stop menacing students, duh.

Anderson also believed that the truck could be mis-used. He asked if there were gun ports, to which Meehan replied that there were “gun ports but no weapons”. Mocking laughter issued from the crowd; with great gun ports comes great use of weapons. Or so they believe.

Crowd members held bright yellow signs reading “No Oakland Cops”, “No Military Vehicles”, “No Urban Warfare”, etc. Calls were made for Berkeley not to become a fascist state. Ah, there we go again — our favorite term ever! The Clog was also sitting in front of two esoteric men who kept mentioning Nazism, Adolf Bates and the fascist ways of the BCC. That’s it, from now on, we’re keeping an official fascist tally count.

One of the stand-out moments was when a relatively shy woman went up to the mic and quietly asked, “I have just one question for you: what are you afraid of?” Tangible chills spread throughout the room.

Speaking of chills, discussion moved to ICE and detainment of undocumented immigrants; the Clog was a little unclear on precisely what BPD wanted to do — we’ll redirect you to the main Daily Cal page [7] for more accurate coverage.

With ICE though, came a number of touching stories. A Mexican woman and a Mexican man spoke during public comments in Spanish (the use of a translator drawing a heated debate between Worthington and Bates) and recounted their hardships coming to this country. It was one of the few moving movements we’ve seen during a BCCM, and was ruined shortly thereafter by a woman coming up and raving about totalitarianism.

And then we had Ninja Kitty’s weekly comment on sit-lie. Sit-lie, by the way, is well and alive — one man in the back stood up screaming “SLEEPING IS NOT A CRIME WE ARE TIRED OF BEING HOMELESS FUCK YOU TOM BATES”.

Another approached the mic with his dog. We hoped he would be introducing us to the newest Sling Shot Hip Hop, but his intentions were clearly the opposite. In a menacing Southern-accented voice with very creepy undertones reminding us of Heath Ledger’s Joker, he said to Bates, “I’m a take you down. I’m a sleep out side your house …” eventually escalating to the point where five police officers had to come in and drag him out. It is times like these when the Clog is glad to have mace on them.

The final debate of the night was over nuclear energy, where three women with great endurance stood up for a good half hour holding a long banner that read “Save Japan Dolphins.” In fact, Berkeley seems to be extremely fond of Japanese dolphins — Hayden Panettiere [8] would be proud — and really dislike PG&E. We don’t blame ‘em, we’re pretty big fans of all Julia Roberts movies [9], too.

Professor Wozniak [10] gave us a long lecture on wind and solar energy and how he loves nuclear energy, but the rest of the council dissented. They passed the resolution to support the close of the San Onofre and Diablo Canyon nuclear reactors.

We would like to take the time to thank the council for pronouncing “nuclear” correctly.

Annnd, here’s our final tallies for the night:

Fascism Count: Surprisingly low this week — only 3 mentions!

Outbursts Count: Also very low, just 2

Until next week, folks.

Image source: Ben Northern under Creative Commons

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