We all know that America is a sue-happy country — Berkeley is no exception. The back and forth sue-ing that has been occurring between the university and the Occupy the Farm kids would make for a good soap opera.

Here’s the Clog’s script and recap of the events of the pass few weeks:

University (U): Yo dudes, you need to get off of this land. It belongs to the UC.

Occupy the Farm (OF): No way! This land belongs to the public! Screw research, we’re reclaiming this for the peoples.

U: Ok, but if you stay here, we’re totally going to sue you.

OF: -in a sassy voice, with finger snaps involved- MMMMMHMMM

U: No but for reals, we really WILL sue you.

OF: -stands in solidarity and pisses on UCPD officer-

U: Ooookkkk, we warned y’all.


U: Oh, look at that, occupying the Gill Tract cost us $300,000. We’re gonna sue you for this too.

OF: Yo, this is complete overkill. Stop being fascists.

U: Ah yeah you’re right, we’ll drop the charges. No point goin’ after these KIDS. -smh-

OF: Bwahahaha psych! Now we’re gonna come after you! Anti-SLAAP ‘cuz you guys totally quashed our first amendment rights!

U: WTF?! Whyyyyy?! That’s it — gloves are coming off.

We’ll keep you all posted on the fiasco that this situation is.

Image source: ODHD under Creative Commons


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