We weren't so sure of the disposition of the people around us.

We weren't so sure of the disposition of the people around us.

The Temper Trap, an Australian indie rock band, recently played in San Francisco at The Warfield. Here are some words of advice we compiled after attending the concert:

1. Know where the concert is

Okay that seems obvious — “duh the concert is in SF.” But know the area because although The Warfield seems like a nice place, the area around it was not that pleasant. We parked near Union Square, but the walk there wasn’t getting us excited about the concert. We were hounded by possible prostitutes, drug dealers and random people who ride the BART for fun. If a concert is in a less affluent area, to say the least, it doesn’t mean that the concert isn’t going to be fantastic. It just means plan ahead: draft another route to avoid people who will try to sell you black market tickets or crack.

2. Wear Crocs or some sort of water proof pair of shoes

Beer spills happen, but you can come prepared. We chose to wear flip flops, and instead of dancing, we had to feel our feet sticking to the rubber of our shoes. Initially, you may look a little misplaced among the indie rock crowd (Crocs aren’t necessarily considered hipster — but then again they aren’t “mainstream”), but keeping your feet and shoes protected from beer and other alcohol will make your concert more enjoyable. Instead of stressing over whether the drunk person next to you will collapse and ruin your shoes, or just throw up on them, you’ll just be able to dance.

3. Be honest with the reasons you are going to a certain concert

It’s always sad seeing that old man come to a concert with a chardonay in one hand ready to relax, but then suddenly realize that the concert is infested with intoxicated young adults dancing around. We weren’t that old man at this particular concert, but it’s a bummer feeling out of place and not getting the experience you wanted and paid for. Certain concerts aren’t really about music (we’ll let you interpret this), but some are. So don’t be the old man (it can happen anywhere) and don’t go to a concert just for the band, but the atmosphere as well.

Image Source: Sparsha Saxena, Daily Cal


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