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The BCCM Recap: Buddhist Musings and Baseball Analogies

Posted By Lynn Yu On Jun 27, 2012 @ 4:54 pm In News | Comments Disabled


Due to the callings of lemon infused chicken, the Clog was unable to stay for the entirety of last night’s City Council meeting, which involved placing a pool measure on the fall ballot [1]. What we were able to catch however, were debates over street names and baseball analogies:

The evening began with discussions over the push to change the name of Harold Way to Dharma Way [2]. Chris Caton, director of Dharma College, stated that “changing the street name is in the spirit of Berkeley” and responded to criticisms of the need to separate church and state.

Church and state, you say?  Caton said that this wasn’t an association between church and state, but an issue of respecting another culture. Besides, we have a street named after Martin Luther King Jr., and wasn’t he a preacher at one point? The man has a point there. The council, feeling uneasy about such matters, asked for more information and vetting.

Whoever knew that changing a street would mean going through so much bureaucracy?

The council then went on to discuss the Berkeley Election Reform Act, which ironically enough, produced more election season buzzwords in one night than the Clog would ever like to hear.

Council members Kriss Worthington [3] and Max Anderson [4] questioned why the reforms would be delayed for two years, and not be implemented this fall. Words like “transparency” and “communication” were thrown about the room to the point where fellow council member Laurie Capitelli [4] simply couldn’t take it anymore.

“We heard a lot of buzzwords tonight,” said Capitelli. Good for you sir, spotting the buzzes as they come. “If we’re playing a baseball game and after the 5th inning we decide to move the left field fence out 20 feet and the right field fence in 10 feet, it changes the game.”

Indeed, Laurie, it does. Why anyone would do that and how applicable it is to the topic at hand, we’re not sure. So much for calling out the BS.

Then the council moved on to the budget, an event that left the Clog absolutely reeling. For one, the council unanimously adopted the budget [5] with no major qualms.

The people were angry as usual, saying things like “it’ll screw over the residents and the garbage man!” Beware not to screw over the garbage man BCC, then you’ll have Oscar and the rest of Sesame Street up in arms.

At least one group — Berkeley youth — was happy with the council though, and the council looked mightily pleased with themselves for doing some inkling of good. Worthington even thanked Mayor Tom Bates for putting together a sufficient budget.

Yep, read that again folks. The two white-haired foes who are usually at each other’s throats were on relatively good terms last night, with Worthington actually thanking Bates for a job well done. There’s the sign, dear readers — hell must have frozen over.

Gordon Wozniak, who was missing at this time but on speaker phone, was apparently at some enjoyable celebration. Upon patting each other on the back, Bates said, “Gordon you’ll probably want to get back to your festivities.”

We motion for a new meme: Party Boy Wozniak.

Before we left, community members were up at the podium talking about the fascistly fascist armored truck [6] again. Council woman Linda Maio seemed visibly upset — “This has been a big topic in my family … I hope … we talk about this.” Oh danng, it’s personal now.

If you’re hoping to hear more fascist references, the full video of the meeting can be viewed here [7].

Otherwise, this week’s meeting was far tamer than usual. A little too tame, if you know what we mean …

Image source: rjstyles [8] under Creative Commons

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