Women would never think of becoming scientists to seek knowledge or solve world problems; they would choose science as a career field because they can wear stilettos  in the lab — at least that is what the European Commission video aiming to bridge the gap between female and male scientists thinks.

The above screen shot is just a taste of the whole video.

According to the European Commission, only 32 percent of its career researchers are females, and as such, it is currently trying to recruit more women into the research workforce. However the video, which is full of giggling girls, makeup and short skirts, seems to be more of a sad and terrible joke than anything else.

On a related note, according to a study mentioned in the Daily Mail, women who behaved in a more feminine way in a field run by men received more promotions than women who displayed more masculine traits.

So on the bright side, while this video may not be the best recruitment tool, maybe it can give some great makeup tips and style guides for female scientists looking to get promoted in their fields (sarcasm fully intended).

Image source: Science Insider, Courtesy


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