They could use this up and down Telegraph. Don’t you think?


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safeway 2

The Oakland Planning Commission approved Safeway’s plans for expansion, undoubtedly pissing off the Berkeley City Council. At the July 17 meeting, council members declared the Safeway plans a “monster project”, and were united in opposition. But since Safeway is in Oakland, albeit on the Berkeley-Oakland border, the BCC was powerless to stop it. Beware BCC, the monsters are coming. Two-story monsters, that is. To read more details of the plan itself, check here.


A mock-up of what the transformation will look like

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Amid the recent controversy surrounding Chick-fil-A and its stance on gay marriage, Berkeley students have called for a boycott of the nearest Bay Area Chick-fil-A. Guess someone doesn’t want to eat mor chikin. read more »


The escalators at the Civic Center BART have been operating poorly for the past few months. The cause? Shit. Literally. read more »

The Clog loves USA Swimming and wonderful renditions of “Call Me Maybe.”  Combine the two together, and you get a Caitlin Leverenz-produced, Natalie Coughlin-choreographed and Nathan Adrian-starring cute-ass video. So this is what happens when Calympians taper. Call them, maybe?


On the last weekend of every July, the Berkeley Kite Festival takes place over the Berkeley Marina. One of the biggest events at the festival this year will be the “octopile”, a pile of a dozen or more flying octopus. Believe us, it’s just as creepy as it sounds. read more »


Danny Boyle, an Academy Award-winning director known for such hits as Slumdog Millionaire, has been placed in charge of the Opening Ceremonies for the 2012 Olympics. We were expecting something edgy and exciting … until we heard that the ceremonies will open with a replication of a rural idyll (shown above). read more »

A little bad luck never hurt anybody on Friday the thirteenth, until they met The Clog. We asked random people on Sproul random questions and got random answers. Enjoy!

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Maybe Sather Gate should get sponsored by Apple?

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bonfire rally

Sadly, Bob Dylan‘s trip to the Berkeley Greek Theater coupled with the absurdly early Big Game date (Oct. 20th, Jesus Christ!) means that the epic Bonfire Rally will not be happening this fall. Apparently, Bob Dylan and various other concert structures are difficult to set up and extremely flammable, leading to a cancellation of fire-laden activities.

UC Rally Committee will attempt to hold an alternate rally at Edwards Stadium, but without the usual awe-inspiring pyrotechnics. Well Cal, if there’s anything worth protesting over, it’s this. Get those picket signs out and start chanting “Freshmen more wood!”

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