Alas, the armored vehicle that was to come to Berkeley is no longer being pursued by Berkeley, Albany and UCPD. Say bye bye to your new toy, officers. The people have spoken and the administrators have reacted.

We guess the demonstration that took place at the Berkeley City Council meeting a few weeks ago was more than a little effective.

Of course this is all just speculation. Perhaps BPD found that the vehicle did not have enough gun ports and first world tantrum-ed the federal grant — which would have funded the vehicle — away. Perhaps UCPD discovered a sexier Batmobile-like tank awaiting them if they scorned this truck and its mortal armor. Or maybe, just maybe, the three police departments, in line with the good citizens who faithfully attend the BCC meetings every single week, were afraid that fascism would take over the country if we acquired an extra-reinforced vehicle.

The official statement released by Mayor Tom Bates on Thursday stated “I am delighted to see that all three jurisdictions agree that we do not need or want an armored vehicle … We are concerned about the safety of our citizens and our police officers, but this approach is not in alignment with our values and we don’t believe it is needed.”

We don’t believe it is needed? Then why go for it in the first place you Lannister you?

We’re sure the regular Berkeley commentators are happy with this decision. Hah, who are we kidding? They’re never happy. But at least for the time being, they can be satisfied that “fascism” and urban warfare was thwarted from taking over the streets.

How do you think they’ll react at this Tuesday’s upcoming meeting? Comment below.

Image source: huppypie under Creative Commons

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