So it’s a Tuesday night, and you’ve got a nice cold beer in your hand. You flip on your computer to watch the free entertainment that is the Berkeley City Council meetings, but in the back of your mind, you wish that you were out with your friends bringin’ down the house on Taco Tuesday.

Wish no more — it’s bout time you turn BCCM Tuesdays into your own version of Taco Tuesday. Here’s the Clog’s official Berkeley City Council drinking game:

Drink anytime …

1. Someone makes a reference to fascism, Nazi Germany or Soviet Russia

2. Someone breaks out into song

3. Someone accuses Mayor Tom Bates of being a dictator/totalitarian

4. Max Anderson consumes some apple juice

5. Linda Maio says something very PC (which is always, so be sure you’re drinking beer or something light, not shots)

6. Darryl Moore actually speaks

7. Susan Wengraf leaves the room to perform some unknown business

8. Susan Wengraf talks about cats

9. Drink in jubilant celebration whenever Kriss Worthington keeps his tirades under five minutes

10. Kriss Worthington makes an outraged point of order or mentions that he is a representative of the people

11. Laurie Capitelli says something that draws hisses from the crowd

12. Gordon Wozniak turns into Professor Wozniak and pretentiously gives us a lecture

13. Jesse Arreguin says he can’t vote because he thinks what Worthington thinks

14. Ninja Kitty or Leprechaun hat man make a comment

15. Hip Hop Sling Shot the bunny appears to declare his sentience

16. The crowd says “SHAME”!

17. Someone complains “Since when did Berkeley get this way?” and laments over the lost “good ol’ days”

18. Max Anderson makes an unrelated remark about how terrible the economy is

19. Someone hates on Berkeley PD or UCPD

20. A council member has to have someone explain what the motion is a third time before they vote

21. Someone gets more than three people to yield time to them, or when someone gets thrown out of chambers

Got any rules of your own? Share them with us by commenting below.

Image source: Lynn Yu, Daily Cal

The Sharkey said:
Jul 13, 2012 at 5:50 am

I love it! Someone needs to convince the Bear’s Lair to show the meetings on TV so you can make this an official campus event!

Craig said:
Jul 13, 2012 at 6:41 pm

With those rules, we would drink so much that we might want to run for city council.

Shirl LeDean said:
Jul 20, 2012 at 10:49 pm

I have to subtract a slug from my shot-quota every time I hear Max Anderson launch another Shakespearean soliloquy with “I will be brief” (I’d be plastered before halftime if I didn’t).

But I figure I owe myself a double shot every time I hear Worthington grudgingly intone “Thank you” to the mayor for calling on him, knowing that he’s about to climb aboard his demagogue’s soapbox for yet another whining aria to the gaggle of groupies he’s enlisted for that evening’s performance (I know people who feel it earns them a triple shot!).

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