And by hunting, we really mean bison watching. The Clog isn’t the biggest zoo fan and we’re not particularly fond of animal-watching — after all, how exciting could it possibly be? But when it comes to bison, well … how many times in your life are you gonna sight buffalo? Yeah, that’s what we thought.

SF City Guides notes:

“Bison were brought to the park in 1890 as a living memorial to the old Wild West days when thousands roamed the western plains of North America. But by 1890, the only existing wild bison herd was at Yellowstone Park – population of 400. A few years later, Congress passed a bill to ban bison hunting in Yellowstone. The first two of the San Francisco herd were named Sarah Bernhardt – after the famous stage actress who had appeared in San Francisco at the Baldwin Theater a few years before – and Ben Harrison, after the President of the United States.”

And thus, Sarah and Ben recreated and made SF a thriving area for bison romping. Or maybe not? Apparently there are only 5 bison left, all female, in relatively poor health. You can see them in the park off John F. Kennedy Drive, east of 41st Avenue. Looking at sickly bison may not sound fun … but they could possibly be the last ones left in San Francisco. Perhaps they should bring in President Grover Cleveland to stir things up.

Afterwards, go for the irony and definitely grab some buffalo burgers to commemorate what is sure to be a moving animal watching. Or, if you’re feeling sick, SF has its fair share of vegetarian options.

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Image source: USFWS Mountain Prairie under Creative Commons


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