Danny Boyle, an Academy Award-winning director known for such hits as Slumdog Millionaire, has been placed in charge of the Opening Ceremonies for the 2012 Olympics. We were expecting something edgy and exciting … until we heard that the ceremonies will open with a replication of a rural idyll (shown above).

Things just got a lot less exciting. Sorry Danny boy, but while the Clog loves its fair share of Elizabeth Bennet and Jane Austen countryside manors, combining that with well-toned athletes just makes a no-no. Knowing Boyle though, we’re hoping he can pull it off. At least we’ll get to see the Queen and her hat.

Since we’re on the subject of opening ceremonies, here’s the Clog’s list of best and worsts from the last few Olympic opening ceremonies:

Best: Muhammad Ali lights the Olympic Flame at 1996 Atlanta Olympics

One of America’s most iconic boxers, let alone athletes, Muhammad Ali was at the time suffering from Parkinson’s syndrome. As Janet Evans ran up the ramp, America held its breath to see who the final torch bearer would be. The surprise — a shaking and jittery Muhammad Ali who, despite his disease, was still standing strong and proud — drew a deafening reaction from the crowd. The 1960 gold medalist not only stunned the audience, but created the most emotional response of the night. As Sports Illustrated proclaimed in a caption under a glowing image of Ali, it was “the greatest start to an Olympics”.

Worst: China fakes singing little girl

Don’t get us wrong, the 2008 Beijing opening ceremonies were a testament to the prowess of director Zhang Yimou, and the human concerto of coordinated boxes was nothing short of awe inspiring. But then, scandal hit. At one point in the ceremonies, we watched a little girl sing beautifully for her country. Turns out that girl was lip-synching and the real girl who had sang the song was banned from representing China’s image because she was deemed “not pretty enough” due to her crooked teeth. Now that’s just whack. Don’t even get us started on the 16-year old gymnasts. And by 16, we really mean 12.

Best: Paralympic archer shoots flaming arrow to light the 1992 Barcelona Olympic Flame

Given Hollywood’s recent cinematic obsession with bows and arrows, we had to include this gem. The Olympic torch arrives at a Paralympic archer, who lights his arrow with flame. The camera pans up and we see what looks to be a ridiculous shot. One for the likes of Legolas. Or Katniss Everdeen. But mainly, Legolas. The archer pulls back, we hear a deep drum roll and then, boom. Lit. We can only speculate how many times he must have practiced that.

Worst: Vancouver pillar fails

We’ve spent a lot of time talking about lighting the Olympic Flame. Well it’s a big fucking deal folks. We would say more about other blunders made during the Beijing Opening ceremonies, but we’ll refrain. Instead, think back to winter 2010. The plan: four torchbearers simultaneously light the Flame at four separate pillars. The design of the Torch itself looks glorious. The reality: machinery mishap — one of the pillars fails to rise. Awkward, eh?

What are your favorite Olympic Opening Ceremony moments Berkeley? Comment below.

Image source: Telegraph, Courtesy

mechanik kraków said:
Sep 26, 2012 at 12:07 am

a man who was shooting a bow was Antonio Rebollo,it was spiritual and impressive(lets bring the back robin hood yeah)

You forgot to mention most impressive Olympic THEME anthem: John Williams – Summon the Heroes – in 1996 Atlanta Olympic,

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