Next Friday starts Cal’s 2012 Move-In/Welcome Week, and for about 400 sophomore and upper-division students that means being the first people to live in the brand new Maximo Martinez Commons Residence Hall.

The new housing complex on Channing Way offers a more apartment like feel for continuing students. MMC (not Mickey Mouse Club) seems to be the most luxurious living situation that Cal has ever offered: full kitchens in each apartment, fully furnished rooms and a fitness facility. Some apartments are even two stories.

The one major drawback is that the building overlooks People’s Park, but who wouldn’t sacrifice a nice view for accommodations like these?

As beautiful as the new building is, it does come with a big price tag. For a year, it costs about $10,000 dollars for single occupancy apartments. Continuing students on a budget might want to stick to Craigslisting it with a roommate or applying for a a cheap but friendly co-op.

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